2 Weeks Late And No Bfp

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Amanda - October 4

hi everyone. well heres my story. this is my 4th month of ttc and my 4th month off of bc. i was due for my af on the 22nd. and now its oct 4th and still nothing. i have noticed that my nipple are very sore, have become more erect, and the nipple itself is more red then usual. my areolas are slightly darker and bigger. my cervix is very high but its not soft. now when my af was expected i had ewcm. so i thought maybe im just ovulating 2 weeks late. could that be? ive tested like 5-6 times and all bfn. i figured if i dont get af by the end of this week or beginning of next then i should go see the doctor. what do you ladies think?


Steph - October 4

That's interesting that you say that you had ewcm when your af was due because mine was due on 10-2 and I still have not started and I had ewcm....I tested this morning and got a bfn. I have very sore b___bs, and almost threw up this morning....the water tasted gross...anyways, I'm not going to test until Friday....Amanda, you really should call your doc's office and let them know what's been going on. You need to get a blood test done, and I'd call today!!! Keep us posted and I'll do the same!!!


Pepsi - October 4

I was looking at the posts from a while back, and I read one from a woman who never got a BFP at home or with blood tests. Anyway, none of the doctors or nurses believed her and wouldn't give her a u/s until she was about 15 weeks late. When they did the test she was pg!!! I said this to say don't give up, if your AF doesn't start for another week or so, demand a u/s to confirm if you are or arent. It really sounds like you are, so hopefully you won't have to take it that far!


krob - October 4

I have havin similar problems with the pill. My cycles were 26 days before going on the pill 28 days while on the pill then 24 days for two months after tquitting the pill then it was 31 days. I thought I was opregnant very single month when I was off the pill. I read that it can take up to 6 month to get onesbody regulated. But I am also having similar symptoms as you b___st pain, bigger areolas and such but I am not sure what to blame on the pill or what is prenancy symptoms,. I am due for another AF sometime around the 14th (that will be 31 days again) and if I dont get I am testing then if BFN I will wait 2 weeks. If still or AF of BFN I am going to the doctor. However, I am sure if I go see a doctor they will tell me to wait it out they usually wait for 6 months of no period before doing anything.



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