2 WW Anyone

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mjvdec01 - November 6

This is our 3rd month TTC. I am 3dpo and nervous things won't work out this month... again. I have one daughter already, she will be two on February 9th. With my first pregnancy it happened the first month, so this is a little hard to swallow. I don't understand how it can be so easy the first time and so upsetting the next. Is anyone else having a hard time?


MAC_33 - November 6

I'm waiting with you...just 1DPO today. Oh and I'm on my 3rd cycle trying as well. I became pregnant with my son on the 3rd cycle so I'm hoping that history will repeat itself!


mjvdec01 - November 6

MAC_33- I hate the wait it is the worst. It is so hard to keep your mind on other things, and to keep from testing when it is rediculously early and you know it would be negative anyway. Why are we so crazy???


Worththewait - November 8

I hate the 2ww too, it seems to last forever. I can't test until Sunday.


yumymumy - November 8

i am also in 2ww im 9dpo i get blood test next friday (16th nov) i hate hate hate this waiting around....


LAUR81 - November 8

Yummyummy...I got first faint positive on 9 dpo and then it kept getting darker each day after that. Why not try a hpt?


mjvdec01 - November 8

today I'm 5dpo, anyone think they had symptoms this early? i don't feel a thing. I didn't with my first either until I got a positive test.


lizie2 - November 8

is ne 1 here? i have a question? do you think this could b implantation cramping? well im irregular and 1 mnth i get and 1 mnth i dont.. my last af was 8/17 and then was suppose to be due for my next af 10/17 but about 1 week b4 af was suppose to show up I was cramping which was weird cause i normally cramp like the day before af comes or that same day.. and then on the 17th i was still cramping off and on but it evetually stopped.. now im here all stumped cause the last test I took was 3 wks ago and it was negative.. do you think it could have been to early to test? Well now i find my self with extreme exhaustion and with a continous sneeze and runny nose do you think that could have been implantation?


kamivy - November 8

Don't really know Lizie, best thing to do is take another pregnancy test. Hi mjvdec, I'm 11 dpo today on my 11th month ttc and yes I got pregnant straight up with my son but am now having secondary infertility issues. Don't worry about not concieveing in your first 2 cycles, give it at least 6 before you get too impatient ! Easy to say I know, but here I am closing in on a year now. Anyway, have decided not to test til I'm late as I've wasted too much money, but not feeling very positive or hopeful right now...:(


mjvdec01 - November 8

Lizie- Maybe it's time to call your OB and get a blood test? Kamivy- I hope this is your month. eleven months ttc has got to be stressful. It took a good friend of mine 4 years! I'm going to wait to test also, it is ahuge waste of money when you know it's too early anyway.



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