2WW Who S In It

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Daynae79 - February 26

Ok, i'm 5DPO ladies...who's w/ me and does anyone have any symptoms??? i sure dont!! :(


nino3 - February 26

Hey, I think im about 3 dpo although ff hast given me cross line yet. I didnt take my temp often this month so i gues thats why. got a positive opk and bd that night and havnt bd at all anymore so i suppose this isnt my month but one can only hope right? My best friend just had her baby on Friday and the day she bd, she had a neg. OPK, and dindt get the positive till the day after that. She bd 2 days before she got a positive and didnt bd anymore and still managed to get pg. Ahhhh.... She only really tried 2 months. I have been ttc for over a year now and its sad. Anyways I wish everyone luck and ill stop by every once in a while to see how you all are doing. Just am sure i didnt bd enough this month so am not really expecting a BFP. Good luck to all.


Daynae79 - February 26

I only bed 2 times after i got my +OPK. I bed'd that night and then the following night, so we shall see. It only takes 1 time as they say :) Good luck to ya!!


sososleepy - February 26

11dpo, hpt neg, temps holding steady 3 days in a row... (impatinetly) waiting... good luck all!


Daynae79 - February 26

sososleepy, do you have a chart i can stalk??? i have never charted but if i get BFN this month then i might start...thanks!!


hollyl2313 - February 26

Hi- I'm 9DPO and no symptoms here either :{


Megs - February 26

I'm 3DPO! :-) No pg symptoms but all kinds of O symptoms! LOL it's my "confirmation" that I've O'd! haha! Good luck ladies!!!


shea - February 26

Sososleepy - I'm right with you. 10 dpo today, and any symptoms I have (sore bb, etc) are the same as PMS for me. Sigh. Still hopeful against all odds, though! I had a + opk 15 Mar, and we bd'ed from 13-18 (the only days DH was in town!). I HATE THE WAITING! A question for all ladies in the 2ww limbo (or have been) - how do you deal with the jealous feelings? My DH is living normally - scuba diving, drinking wine, etc. - all the things I can's do for the 2ww each month, even though it turns out every month that I'm not pg. Half my life is on hold, and I'm probably not even pg yet! Q #2: Anyone get a BFP after very few (or no) symtoms?


Daynae79 - February 26

I know exactly what you mean Shea....about the putting life on hold thing....but i really dont think we have to go to those extremes. I have soooo many friends that didnt know they were preggo for like 2 months and they were out living their lives. Their babies are perfectly healthy. I mean i would not reccommend going crazy and drinking in excess or going bungi jumping or anything...lol!! but i dont think a gla__s of wine every now and then or a drink will do too much damage.



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