2WW And Valentines BFPS Chances Are Back Up

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izechsmama - February 2

Hey gals.. lets start a new... as some of you know my results came back and i have no infections.. Dr said i couldnt be more healthy in that region..anything i may have had has cleared up and the irritation i was feeling he told me would clear up by just putting a little bit of monistat on the outside... so i'm good to go.. and so he said he said i have a great chance of getting my positive since i detected my positive OPK!.. yay... hehe.. anyways.... heres to some bfps... lets go ladies.. i'm testing on the 13th.. only 11 days to go!


preggoplease - February 2



mommyof3stepmommyof2 - February 2

Congrats izechsmama I am happy to hear that. And I hope that you get your BFP this month. Keep me posted


izechsmama - February 2

thanks gals.. i'm excited.. mommy where you at in your cycle?


DANI - February 3

Alright I made it to the 2ww Valentines thread......YEAH!!!! We'll see what happens. I will know for sure in the next week....hopefully. I'm just so happy that I FINALLY ovulated. Check back later.


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - February 3

Ok ladies I am 9dpo today and well i have to say that i am having alot of twinges,pulls and cramps in my uterine area but i am not counting my chickens just yet. Also, my desire to bd is pretty much gone and boy does that aggravate dh LOL. I am having a few other symptoms but just mainly the same since about 6dpo. I will be testing tomorrow morning and will let you know what the outcome is


izechsmama - February 4

hey gals.. how is everyone.. had a bad backache and my lower abdominen was sore last night.. hope thats a good sign... feel really good today though... i decided how i'm going to tell DH and relatives if i'm prego... i'll let you all know later though..


izechsmama - February 5

man o man.. i wish someone was online right now.. i cannot sleep... and i'm very bored.. have been very ga__sy all night.. dont know what i ate but its annoying and i'm hungry but cant decide what to eat... haha... can you all believe i'm already 6dpo... thats CRAZY! i cant believe it... its going by so fast... hahahaha.. alright..well if anyone is on, post me back!


izechsmama - February 5

hey gals.. i have a sore throat today.. it doesnt really hurt..its just annoying and kinda feels raw.. i hope i'm not getting a cold... i'm so tired.. was up all but two hours all night.. haha.. cleaning like a bandit cause i was bored... DANI how are you doing girlie? whats goin on?


jugee - February 5

my last af was jan. had s_x on jann22 3 times still no af. but i took a hpt on feb 2 and was neg dont know when to try again.


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - February 5

I am doing pretty good. I have cold like symptoms,a little nausea, irritable,slightly tender bb's (normally they hurt more than this) metallic taste off and on, some food aversion like pizza yuck at the moment and i normally love pizza,back pains, pukking like cramps on the left side of my pelvic region and my temps are staying up so far. So it looks good but i am afraid to test I will be testing on wednesday and will let you know the results. My homepage for ff home/babygirlwanted if you ladies would like to take a look. How is everyone else doing?


DANI - February 5

Hello Ladies! Well, it looks like I've had a few minor headaches (which I never get) and some light cramping in the lower abdomen. Not sure what's going on but I'm hoping that's its a sign. How is everyone else? mommy, your signs look very promising. check back later


izechsmama - February 6

hey ladies... how are you all... ? when are we all testing? DANI?? hehe.. i need to know... i'm testing monday.. monday monday!


MammaJL - February 6

I think I'll be testing on the 21st.. I'm expecting af between the 18th and the 24th.. If i can hold out until then that is!


izechsmama - February 6

DANI o DANI where are you... any symptoms? i think i'm getting a cold.. i've got a runny nose and some what of a sore throat... im not having what i had last cycle... so maybe thats good?


izechsmama - February 7



izechsmama - February 7

hey all... well today i got up and my cold symptoms are still there but not getting any worse... and i took a shower and had to get out cause i almost fainted.. and then i also have been having a little bit of abdominal pain on the right side.. feels like a constant really minor cramp... like a backache... plus i have a headache today as well.. so who knows.. we'll see.. you all have great symptoms though.. i'm excited to see how this all unfolds... but when are we all testing so we can get some dates going... Monday for me



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