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alc16 - May 1

Hello everybody, this is our first month of TTC, I am currently 13dpo but af isn't due until May 6th. If you are in the same waiting boat, let's chat :)


PhoenixK - May 2

Hey alc, I'm not quite in the TWW yet. I'm due to O on the same day you're due for AF, but I remember the TWW all too well! This will be my fifth cycle of AI. The TWW is a KILLER!


alc16 - May 2

It is! I caved last night and took a test, I was so good not looking at it for the three minutes it said but it was a BFN :( I'm not sure if I tested too early, but it says 7 - 10 days after conception so I'm definitely in that time zone. Good luck to you, you'll have to let me know how you go this month


simone7399 - May 3

Hi Alc! I am in my second month of trying and af is due on May 5th. I broke down on Friday and tested and it was also negative. Most people say you have to wait until after your missed period to get an accurate reading. I still have hope! Do you have any symptoms? I have had cramps for almost a week now, and I have been alittle nauseous. My cycles are alittle long since I just got off of birth control pills in february. They were 28 and now they are 40:( I am not sure when I ovulated, but we baby danced three times a week to kinda just cover all the bases. Well good luck and keep me updated!!!!!


PhoenixK - May 3

Hi Simone... GL to you! alc, I know most HPT's say they can detect pregnancy early, but I have read so many stories of women getting BFN's on HPT's for weeks (and even MONTHS)after they are, in fact, preggers. I never give up hope until the fat lady makes her wicked appearance!


alc16 - May 3

Simone, I have had nausea quiet alot this week but I'm not sure if it's just my mind playing tricks on me? I haven't really been taking too much note, but I do seem to be rushing to the toilet alot as well! I'm guessing I o'd on 22 april so we bd nearly every day up until 2 days ago!!! I have only been off the pill for one cycle so I'm not sure if everything is back to normal yet but there's no harm in trying. PhoenixK, I do agree with you so I am keeping hope until if/when she arrives. You're due to O in a couple of days, GOODLUCK


PhoenixK - May 3

Thanks alc! Did your doctor tell you that it can take (around) 6 months for your cycle to become regular after stopping BC?? Although it is common for people to get pregnant on their first or second cycle after stopping, it's more usual for it to take 6-8 months for a BFP. My CM is really wet today, no EW yet, but it should be there in a day or two. I'm really hoping it's the 6th as the day before we have a long road trip to make, and the day after, my sperm donor will be going out of state. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please!


simone7399 - May 3

Today I am having major cramps:( Its feels like my normal period cramps. Looks like it might not have happened for me this month. Keep your fingers crossed ladies and baby dust to you both!


PhoenixK - May 5

Any news ladies? I tested positive on the OPK on the 3rd, so I went yesterday and got the sperm from the donor. Did the AI last night, but didn't have my rise yet on the BBT, so I'm hoping I didn't do it too early. It would be so much easier if I could find a donor closer so that I could do AI more than once a cycle. He is the closest I've found so far, but I am still looking for one closer. Wish me luck, and positive vibes to all!


simone7399 - May 5

No news here. Still no period though. So confused to what is going on with my body. Two days late now. Congrats on the positive OPK Phonix! Alc any news yet?


PhoenixK - May 6

Hey Simone! Any news yet? Did you do a HPT yet? I'm sending vibes your way! ALC, are you still around?? Not really sure what is going on here. Got a positive on the OPK on the 3rd and 4th, did the AI LATE at night on the 4th, but today is now the 6th and I still haven't seen a rise on my BBT, so I don't know if I actually OV'd this month or not. I'm testing negative on the OPK's now though, so I'm pretty comfused. Anyone else reading and wanna jump in??


simone7399 - May 6

Hi Alc! No period, negative test again and cramps still:( I wish it would just start already!!!! I am getting so frustrated with my cycles off of the pill. I guess I should try and get a Doctor appointment now and see if they can give me something to regulate me. Its been 43 days since my last period. This is just crazy!!!!!! It sounds like you were ovulating on the 3rd and 4th if you got the positive. Although I heard the test are not always correct. I tried them and I never got a positive:( How long have you been trying? I never thought it would be so hard to get pregnant. Well hang in there and I pray that you get preggo!!!!


thobel - May 7

Hello Ladies, just wanted to join your thread because it looks like i am pretty close to all your cycles! The internet ovulation calendar predicted that i ovulated between Apr. 30 and May 5. This is my husband and I's first month trying so I am trying not to get my hopes up too much! Hopefully I can take a test in the next week or so! Good luck and baby dust to all of you!


simone7399 - May 7

Well I went to the emergency room yeserday afternoon and have a Kidney infection:( Still no period, but not preggo:( I have an appointment on Tuesday to see why my period is delayed. Hope they can get down to the bottom of this so we can try again! How is everyone else doing? Welcome Thobel!!!!!!


LoobyLoo73 - May 9

Hey everyone!! Just starting my 2WW- I hate this time :( Have PCOS so never quite sure when I O, hoping I caught it this weekend. Simone, sorry to hear you're not pt. Could the absence of AF mean there's still a chance you could be? Gd luck everyone else. I'll be checking in regularly over next few weeks & let you know if I get any exciting symptoms xx


simone7399 - May 9

Welcome LoobyLoo! I had a pregnancy test last Friday at the hospital and it was negative:( I should get my blood work back tomorrow to confirm it. How long have you been trying to conceive? What are symptoms of PCOS? Keep me updayed on your status and lots of baby dust being sent your way!!!!!


LoobyLoo73 - May 10

Hey Simone, Sorry to hear it didn't happen for you this month then. Let's hope they can give you some answers tomorrow & you can start again soon. My PCOS is quite severe- really really irregular AFs- only one or two a year. Cos I never know when I'm going to have them, the chances of us happening to BD in the right 24hr period are quite slim!! But I've been taking agnus castus which seems to help so I'm hoping I've caught it this month. Ugh, don't you just hate going through these cycles? Wish we all just turned green when we were ovulating & purple when we were pregnant- make life so much easier! Let us know how you get on tomorrow. PS- Thanks for the baby dust- sprinkled it on my cornflakes this morning x



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