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babydust25 - February 7

hey ladies, ttc #1 for 3yrs and 1 MC...cd 28 and had some bleeding last night after intercourse that DH and I thought was AF...today absolutely nothing. cycle is usually 31-38 days long. Pika, congrats! When I was pg before that was the dead give away was the HUGE sore bbs! How long have you all been TTC?


LoobyLoo73 - February 7

15mos ttc #2, but I've only O'd 3 times in that time- & each time we missed BDing at the right point so I don't feel I've had any 'real' opportunities in that time.. 38yo, DH is 40. If latest round of clomid doesn't get us preg then we're looking at IUI. GL babydust, might be promising! Keep us posted x


Diva_D - February 10

Hi all,I'm glad I came accross this website. So much information here! Anyway, Its my 1st month trying to concieve. 1st day of my period was 20jan which took 6days was then dry until the 11nth day then suddenly I had the stick egg white mucus until day 15. Was dry again on day 16 until day 19 of the cycle. Since day 20 until today I have this white discharge I feel like its a period. Have also been very tired this whole week except today. Hubby was away so we bedded on the 9th and 10nth day of the cycle, the again on the 17th day of the cycle when He came back. Do I stand any chance? Have never been on any contraceptive just the condom.and I have a 3yr old boy now


eli8779 - February 17

well i had my cycle shorter now after a few months, i thought i was pregnant becasue i regulary last 6 days with my period but i hv been with it for 3-4 days and i got tested and its negative im also confused.


b__terflym - February 19

I'm new here. We have been ttc for 7 months now and I am 3 dpo. This is my second month using preseed. Last month I didn't get to hit ovulation day. This is also my first month charting. I o'd about a day later than what I normally thought. Keeping my fingers crossed! Baby dust to everybody!


b__terflym - February 20

Fertility friend said I o'd cd 15 but I got a positive ovulation test on cd 14 with ovulation pains and SHOW cp. Now I think that I am 4 dpo. I have had some mild cramping, and some mild b___st pain.


aisha1077 - February 21

b___terflym sounds good you usually ovulate 12/36 hours ofter a positive opk i also had cramping 4dpo untill about 10 dpo then had implantation spotting days 9 10 11 past ovulation and 10 dpo got a very faint bfp im now 6 weeks 5 days pregnant. i did nit get any b___st pain tho its only been the past few days my b___sts have started to feel tender but not every day... sounds promising tho baby dust to u all xx


b__terflym - February 21

Congrat aisha1077 on your bfp. I usually get b___st tenderness about a week before I start. Everytime I think something is new and different like cramping, or craving something, or I'm about 6 days late I usually start. I am trying not to get my hopes up but I've heard great things about preseed.


TTC999 - February 21

Hi all Congrats Aisha! I've been TTC for about 10 months I think now (lost count!). Started Clomid this month (50mg days 2-6) which made me O 3 days earlier (last weekend). Unfortunately DH was away all weekend so think we may have lost our chance this month. I'm going to start progesteron pills today for 9 days. Good luck!


aisha1077 - February 22

hi all thankyou for the congrats i had clomid to concive my 2nd child it worked on the last cycle ttc999 im now expecting baby no 6 so i think i must still have some in my system somewhere lol bitterflym iv not heard of the preseed is it a suplement?iv heard of agnus castus and that is what helped me regulate my periods in order to concive this time around i dont know if any of you other ladies have heard of it. good luckk this month everyone xx lots of sticky baby dust to you all x


TTC999 - February 22

Hi Aisha, pre-seed is just a sperm friendly lubricant. A lot of lubricants kill sperm, or certainly don't let it swim through it!


b__terflym - February 22

Well I started cramping a little last night and today. It's nothing too intense. Boobs are still really sore. Everyone is telling me I am trying too hard. I try to stay busy. I do a lot of crochet and sewing :)


aisha1077 - February 22

arrrr i see lol stupid me thanks ttc x wow b___terfly i wish i coukd crochet my mum used to make me some amazing crochet blankets and matnee jackets for my other babys xx


b__terflym - February 22

I have been crocheting since I was nine. I love it! It is so relaxing. You could learn on youtube. I have been making cuddle cocoons because I know about eight people who are pregnant right now. I tend to go overboard when I baby shower shop. I convinced my DH to get it to save a money heart attack in the future :)


aisha1077 - February 23

since 9 wow.. thats a briliant idea for a baby shower gift. nothing can beat a hand made gift they always mean so much more xx im not sure il get the time to learn with my hyper fun loving energetic 2 year old tho.


b__terflym - February 23

aisha1077 a 2 yr old wow! You must be exhausted. My neice is 2 going on 20 she is so funny but she wears me out! She loves to play trucks, coloring, cooking, and spaceship. She keeps me busy, but I don't get to see her very often :(



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