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b__terflym - February 23

aisha1077 a 2 yr old wow! You must be exhausted. My neice is 2 going on 20 she is so funny but she wears me out! She loves to play trucks, coloring, cooking, and spaceship. She keeps me busy, but I don't get to see her very often :(


aisha1077 - February 23

yes it can be exausting work but great fun x arr thats a shame you dont see her much she sounds adorable.


b__terflym - February 23

She is adorable, but she can be as mean as a striped snake :) She takes after my sister there.lol. I took a test today out of stupidity of course it was negative. I think I got my days messed up but I think I am going to test this weekend. I am a poas fanatic. I'm not proud of it but I am. DH wishes he had bought stock in pregnancy tests haha.


aisha1077 - February 25

lol what test do you use there is a web site called oncall medical supplys you can buy tests in bulk on there and they are really cheap 10 prob cheaper than 1 from the drug store and they are exyra sensitive just 10 mui within a few hours of implanting the yest will pick it up xx


b__terflym - February 26

I took frer 6 days sooner test and it was neg of course it is still early. The past two days my bbt has been below the coverline. I wonder if I am out. The past two days I barely slept as well so that may have something to do with it. I don't know. I guess I will just have to wait and see.


b__terflym - February 28

Has anyone heard of red clover supplement helping to conceive. Some people from my hometown told my mom that they had heard through the grapevine that red clover helped them conceive. We went to the healthfood store and bought some immediately. It is supposed to clean your blood. and balance your hormones but I also read that it doesn't help at all. One woman from our hometown had been trying for over a year and when she took almost a whole bottle which is about a month she saw her BFP. Sounds good to me. Anyone else heard anything? It would be greatly appreciated :)


Diva_D - February 28

Also heard about it and saw it at the health store but don't know much about or if it works...


amg1219 - February 28

ok so i am back and just wnat ed to say good luck to everyone!! i am now on month 7 trying to conceive my cycles are usually 35 days but my problem is i have not had a period since Decmeber 25th the last time i took a pregnancy test was 2/16/2010 and it was neg. the DH and i have continued to BD so who knows but the past two days i have had sore nipples , and a dull kind of ache in my right ovary.. i am scared to take a pregnancy test becuase i dont want to see a negative agian. i thought i would know when i was pregnant like i would feel it but i dont.. Lately the only way i have felt is that having a baby is like winning the lottery for me ... probably never going to happen, sorry to sound so negative i am just all wrapped up in this baby thing and its driving me crazy!!


amg1219 - March 1

i did an OPK last night it was very positive and i BD but my cervix felt a little sore i am really just looking for anyones opinion


b__terflym - March 1

amg1219 I agree about the lottery ticket! I feel like a crazy person every month waiting for the winning numbers. Sometimes it helps when you just trust that God has a plan and His time is always the right time. It is hard to do but it will definitely be worth it in the end. Cycle 7 is over for me as of today :( I guess I will start the red clover tonight. My husband and I have decided not to actively try until November because of insurance reasons. We have a HUGE deductible and no maternity until then. I also have an appointment in April with my OB. It is supposed to be my regular appointment but I think I will ask her if everything is good with the baby junk. It is going to be hard not to try. At least for me anyway.


b__terflym - March 2

Red Clover, Red Clover send baby on over! I finally started my red clover pills on day 2 of cycle 8. I wish I had waited to start my spring cleaning now. I am drained :(


aisha1077 - March 2

Arr good luck this month b___terflym xx


b__terflym - March 2

Thanks aisha1077 :)


aisha1077 - March 3

Loads and loads of sticky babydust to u all this month x


Diva_D - March 3

Hi ladies I need advise please. Day 1 was on the 18th of feb, my cycle is 28-30 days, I'm not sure when I'm meant to ovulate we've been been BDing since the the 28th everyday. I'm also getting clear mucus but its not like egg white so maybe its just the sperm coming out... I really don't know what to look for at this point or when will ovulation take place but I' crossing fingers. Any help will be much appriciated! Baby dust to you all!!!


aisha1077 - March 3

Hi diva d U r right u need to looking for egg white cm ur ovulation. Some women experince a mild crampy feeling when they ovulate some women experince some tenderness in b___sts when ovulating wgile others get no symptoms at all so Sometimes its hard to tell if ur cycle is not regular it maybe worth investing in some ovulation prediction kits its the only sure way of knowing when ovulation is about to happen.. There is a web site called oncall medical supplys that sells prediction kits really cheaply.



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