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aisha1077 - March 3

Hi diva d U r right u need to looking for egg white cm ur ovulation. Some women experince a mild crampy feeling when they ovulate some women experince some tenderness in b___sts when ovulating wgile others get no symptoms at all so Sometimes its hard to tell if ur cycle is not regular it maybe worth investing in some ovulation prediction kits its the only sure way of knowing when ovulation is about to happen.. There is a web site called oncall medical supplys that sells prediction kits really cheaply.


aisha1077 - March 3

To find an estimated calculation of ur ovulation date u can google ovulation calculater that will find loads of sites that offer free calculaters to work out when ur ovulation days maybe again this is not 100 accurate sorry im not much help diva d but good luck baby dust to u xx


Diva_D - March 3

thanks aisha will google the calcuulator.


aisha1077 - March 3

Ur welcome good luck diva x


b__terflym - March 3

Diva D I check my cp when it is high and open I bd. Then I put my legs up so that NOTHING comes out (usually about 15 minutes). Maybe that will help good luck! I also have a hard time with egg white cervical mucus and I use preseed for that. I really like it a lot and it will NOT dry out.


pikapuka2000 - March 7

Diva D- i'd say you're pretty good. I used OPK's because my cycle was not regular at all, and after using them and bding every day when it turned positive, it only took 3 months for me to get my bfp (after trying for a year prior to using it) I got the month supply so I could test every day. My CM wasn't consistant either, I generally would have creamy cm, very rarely would it be watery or ewcm. Ovulation usually happens from cd14-cd18 in a cycle of your length, so I'd say starting on cd10 is a good call, that way maybe some spermies can be waiting for your egg!! b___terflym- i agree, you probably are trying too hard.. i know I was. Another thing that helped me a lot was warm relaxing baths. that helped me a lot. amg- I think the best think you can do is doing what you're doing, and maybe go see a doctor to see why you haven't had your period. It may be time to take another HPT, regardless of your fear. Though you do have mixed signs from neg hpt to pos opk. I don't know what it all means, so I'd go see a doctor. I have my fingers crossed for you!! ttc- how is it going? I haven't seen you post in a while. I hope it's good for you. Good luck everyone.


Diva_D - March 7

Its the 2ww from yesterday ladies, Ovulated on Saturday but didn't bed as I felt like AF was coming stomuch was crampy and heavy and back was too sore, so last time we beded was on thursday. The egg white cm also came saturday morning when I woke up and I had to go dig for it with my fingers(sorry for TMI). My mind is already playing games on me,felt some twinges on my left lower abdomen a few hrs ago, but I brush it off, its too soon to have symptoms... Waiting impatiently for this 2wks to be over...


b__terflym - March 7

Well I stopped taking the red clover. It was making me feel weird. I was starting to have hot flashes sort of. I am usually very cold. It also made me break out really bad. I was kind of disappointed that I couldn't take it.


aisha1077 - March 8

B___terflym it may take a while for ur body to get used to the red clover..


b__terflym - March 8

That's true. I just did research and it said that it could cause or accelerate the growth of cancerous cells so that kind of freaked me out.


Diva_D - March 8

B___terflym maybe giving your body a break from drinking anything will do you some good. That's what DH said to me so I'm currently letting my body creat its own rhythm without taking anything... On the other hand,I'm a bit confused by my CM. Saturday morning(which I think was ovulation) I had a bit of egg white cm with cramping and lower back pain, sunday I had thin milky cm and the cramping was gone,monday I had creamy lotion like white cm on my undies when I check my cervix I came out with egg white cm but not a lot. Since then I've had just white cm but its a bit thin, not as sticky like it usually is after ovulation. My cervix is also very soft but not very high today. Any thoughts on what could be happening?


b__terflym - March 8

DivaD I think it sounds promising. I can't check that stuff because I will have lots of promising cm and then af comes so I can't base mine on that. However, if this is unusual for you then it sounds great! Good luck I hope you get your BFP soon! :)


amg1219 - March 14

ok i took a test and finally got a positive i ahve an appointment on April 4th.... any updates from anyone else?


aisha1077 - March 14

Congratulations amg1219


aisha1077 - March 14

Amg1219 thing you shoukd go get a lottery ticket lolxx :-P


Diva_D - March 14

Amg1219 congratulations You just got your lotto ticket, hope you win(have a healthy pregnancy)! Can you rub some of that positive on me. Lol



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