2WW Testing 5 5 8 5 Part 2

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Tama - May 4

Trying 2 start new tread - i don't like long treads .... Well girls hope this tread will be c'ing a BFP within the next week or 2 .... bump 2 all of you .... and if AF arives - your baby is in Gods plan at a later stage !!! ..... good things come to those who wait .... like us !!! ..... (@) .... lotsa +'ive babydust to our tread !! bump


brittanylee - May 4

thanks:) i am hoping my period is due on the 18th and i ovulated today so me n hubby got on it! hope and pray for no period this month :) or for the next 9 either


Angelttc2 - May 4

Good Morning to all of you!! So, has anyone to the testing point yet? I am supposed to start af on the 8 (hopefully not:) ), so I am trying to make myself wait until then. Its soooooo tempting!! Anyway, babydust to all of you!!!


Tama - May 4

Angelttc2 - it's just after 16:00 in the afternoon here by me in South Africa and will go home in about an halfhour .... i'm a poas-aholic and will do test 2'row morning .... hopefully that will not be a waistatime .... if it is, so what i enjoy the waiting-game ....(@).... bump


Cindy Lou - May 4

Hi I hope I am not intruding but According to FF I should test on 5/5...I am nervous because I don't want to see another negative...I o'd on the 24th of April and BD on that day and the 25th...I am thinking I missed a really good chance of getting pg because I didn't bd the day before O so the swimmers could have been sitting around the pool playing cards waiting for the egg to show up...Baby Dust to you all...Good Luck tomorrow Morning Tama!!


lavenda - May 4

Hi Ladies - This is jus an update. i tested yesterday and there was this very very faint pink line. But l do not want to make myself happy yet till l can really see it. Im scared that it might be false. I dont really have seroius symptoms. Only slight neausa(sometimes,) , b___b pain that , have to wear a bra to sleep, craving sweet things. l can smell things that l could not smell before. I have Doc's appointment next week , l will ask for blood test, to make sure. i also have a question ???? Is it true that if you doniot get morning sickness it leads to mc because this really worries me because i had 2 before.i do not even want to think about it. Anway , baby dust to all you Ladies


Cindy Lou - May 4

lavenda~I never had MS when I was PG with my DS and he was a healthy 6lbs 13oz 21in long and that was almost 11 yrs ago...So don't worry about that happening.


Jennbj - May 4

Well, I am so far still planning on testing tomorrow, but I am having a little cramping. I am staying positive because I remember having cramps with my ds. P.s. I didn't have morning sickness with him either, so Lavenda don't worry, everything will be fine.


Tama - May 5

did a test this mornin - bpn naturally .... hope you guys have a gr8 weekend !! .... (@).... bump to all !!


KimS - May 5

Sorry Tama... me too... I am due for AF Monday but couldn't resist ... BFN...Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Saird - May 5

Hi girls, I am planning on testing tomorrow. I am on CD43 today. I 've only had some Cm that's blood-streaked and I'm super tired. Good luck to you all.


Cindy Lou - May 5

Tested this morning and I too got a BFN...Have a nice weekend!!!


Angelttc2 - May 5

Lavenda-I've never heard that about ms...how many tests have you had? When did the line come up? ....I'm also due for af on Monday. I bought some tests yesterday, but I'm going to try and hold off till then. We'll see if I can make it:).Well, babydust to all and have a great weekend!! I've got to work, so Monday will be here quick.


tish - May 5

i am at cd36, 15dpo. expecting af today or tomarrow. will test tomarrow or sunday if she doesn't show.


lavenda - May 5

Hi Ladies Thanx for all the support. Angelttc2 - All l was saying is , l've heard and read that if you do not experience any ms it means that you are likely to have a mc. i think the other ladies understoos what i was trying to put across. my af was due may 2 - 5 but still no Af and i tested May 3rd and got very faint line. Will go 2 the doc next week to confirm


Jennbj - May 5

Well, af due tomorrow took a test to day and BFN so I guess I can plan on her showing up anytime. I am so disappointed. I have been "trying" for 6 months now. I have had 3 past pregnancies 2 on the first try and the other by accident. I don't understand why it is now so hard. I haven't been on birth control so I don't know what the deal is. It's been a year since my first mc so as soon as my insurance kicks in I am going to see if I can get a dr to start helping me out. Good luck to everyone still waiting.


busymom0913 - May 6

My AF was due May 1. almost no pregnancy symptoms, just headaches. Nasal stuffiness. I have a little girl who is 11, with her I had no symptoms except nasal stuffiness. Could be the weather. I don't have AF yet, pregnancy tests are negative. Could be that I tested too early? Also, has anyone done the estrogen, clomid, prochieve regimen? I just got finished with that last month. Could that make me NOT have a period? I've been late on a period, well once and she is 11!!! We have been trying for 2 1/2 long years.....I am so ready! I hope this is the month!! Baby Dust to all you wonderful women who are so brave and like me have had to play this whole waiting game for too long!! God Bless!



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