2WW Testing Part 3

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Tama - May 10

Ok girls - this is the tread for another 3 good things in a row ... our next 3 BFP!!! anybody can explain how "feeling pregnant" is like ...? bump


lavenda - May 10

Hallo Ladies - Tama & Angel Thank you very much. Tama l will keep my fingures crossed do not be broken hearted u are next in line. So baby dust to all.


Tama - May 10

Thank you very much Lavenda ... i'm heating up a bit ... it's difficult to actually know if i ovulated as i don't temp ... since last week my temp was high at night and still is so far this week ... all part of the hormones ... if af not here on Saturday i'm testing on Mothersday this Sunday .... bump ....(@).... lotsa babydust!


Tama - May 11

bump ... i have alot of creamy cm and i was suppose 2 start af on monday and its already Thursday ... i also have a heavey feeling in my uterus and light cramps, almost af-like ... as of yet don't know what 2 make of how i'm feeling, as a only went of bc in Jan and since jan i skipped af in March and had it April ... currently on cd 31, maybe baby? ... have 2 wait and c ....(@).... babydust and bump /s to all!!


lavenda - May 11

Hi Tama - My fingers are crossed for you hope AF does not come. I think everything will be ok and Baby dust to you


KimS - May 11

Hey Everyone Congrats I can't believe this thread has had 3 BFPs so far.. Tama I'm thinking of you and have fingers crossed that this is your month!!! I had been on bcp for 12 years and have been off it ifor 2 cycles so far and must say that I don't like how my cycle makes me feel and if this is normal....urrrrrg get me back on that pill!! well after I hopefully have a baby!!!! my dh is so stressed out allready that he has a "problem" 4 of his 6 maternal uncles were unable to conceive (they all had the mumps or something) so he is worried that there is something wrong with him... I hope we get pregnant in the next couple of months so that he can stop stressing.. I want to talk to him about my "potential" symptoms but don't cause I don't want to get his hopes up.. so I'm glad you ladies are around to listen!! Anyways I am now on cd 3 and so the waiting begins...


Saird - May 11

Tama- I figured I'd test on Mother's day too if I don't get AF by then. Jeez, I must be near CD50 or something. This morning I went to make my dd's lunch for school and the smell of bread made me want to puke. Nothing interesting other than that. Good luck girls.


Angelttc2 - May 11

Hello all!! How are u all doing? I'm doing fine....no ms yet (hopefully I won't get it :). ) Still feel crampy a lot. Had my quant_tative drawn again, and it was looking good! Tama, my fingers are crossed too. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all got a bfp? Kims-mumps can cause infertility, so try to get dh not to worry :). I understand about coming off of bc pill....its rough the first couple of months. It will happen though. Well, I just wanted to check in on u all. Babydust~


Angelttc2 - May 11

Good luck to you to Saird!!`


Tama - May 12

Well girls it's finally here .... last night i tested and got a faint pink line and again this morning ... may i say in my soft voice ... "i got my bfp!!!" this will make me about 2 weeks if i'm correct .... (@) .... bump !!!


KimS - May 12

YIPEEEEEE TAMA I am sooo excited for you!!! congratulations!!!!


Tama - May 12

bump bump bump .... that's what i'm waiting 4 ... got my BFP !!!!!!! ....(@).... myself!!! anyone else gota bpf??? i need 2 more !!!!!


lavenda - May 12

congratulations Tama - ......go ....go...go Tama . I am Happy for you and the bump will show up soon.


Angelttc2 - May 12

Congratulations Tama!!!! I am so excited for all of us!!!


Tama - May 15

sorry girls, but my bfp didn't wanna stay ... at least i know it's possible 2 get preggies, it's just a matter of having it stick .... on Thursday I had a huge headache and drank a compral, that might have been a stupid move .... well here is 2 testing in May !!!! ....(@).... bump .... lotsa babydust ...!


KimS - May 15

Ahh Tama, I am so sorry!!! looks like you and I will be testing together in May..


Tama - May 15

Thank you soooooooooo much KimS, i'll have 2 start a new tread .... going 2 conceive next week and then a 2ww .... well KimS, 2 us (cling-cling), may we have good news .... either in May 4 you and in June 4 me .... (@).... bump



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