3 Day Period Stopped Back Again

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JAde - February 12

Before I ask my question, I should give a little background. I had intercourse on 1/21, used pull-out method far ahead of ejaculation, no semen in pre-c_m, on a "non-fertile" day. On 2/9 (which is on time), I got a pretty regular period, but it trailed off on 2/11 later in the day. Usually that's how it goes with my AF. 2 days bleeding, then stops, then comes back. The problem is: can this happen if you're pregnant? Usually when it comes back, it's heavier, but this seems more like "spotting", though I have abdominal pain. It's darker red, not brown or pink. Has anyone experienced this in the early stages of pregnancy? Please note that I'm not TTC right now, so please don't keep your fingers crossed for me! (even tho I know many of ya mean well) I'm already worried as it is:( Any input would be great though!


luise - February 12

every day can be fertile, just yoour chances are reduced. how can u tell if theres no s____n in the prec_m. its so tiny one or two could have escaped. it doesnt sound like you are pregnant, however i will let you know that a pull out ethod isnt the safest form of cntraception fr soeone who isnt trying to cncieve. the pain could be a problem tho. spek t your doc, see what they have to say


Jade - February 12

Apparently pre-c_m only contains s____n if it was there before (e.g. the male had ejaculated 72 hours before). But if he had urinated prior to intercourse, it's likely it would not be present in the pre-c_m. You're right, it would be hard to tell if it was there, but pre-c_m is clear, while real s____n is cloudy. I know the pull-out method is inefficient, but stupid things happen and believe me, I'm dreading it big time! I'm a virgin, 22, and basically couldn't wait after being with my boyfriend for 3 years now. I really wish I would've waited though. Thanks for the response :)


louise - February 12

s____n is culdy as there are aloit of s____n in the solutin, while pre-c_m woulnt only have a few. at all times, prec_m can be created, as it is made when the p___s gets excited ((while it is inside of you) just be creful if you can. i know its harder than it sounds but its a must if yu wanna stay in your clthes


kat - February 12

your period could be stress related.ive had periods like that for the last 3 months with neg results,so im a__suming its down to stress as desperatly ttc,i wouldnt worry to much,just see what happens next month,good luck.


Jade - February 13

So is it advisable to take a hpt now? Or should I wait?


kat - February 13

a test might put your mind at ease,good luck,let us know how you get on.



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