3 Days Late No Symptoms Anyone Want To Do The Waiting Game

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Missy - February 22

Hi ladies. I was due on Sunday and still haven't gotten my AF. Normally a week or so before I get my AF I have severe br___t tenderness. I haven't had any! I find that I've been wanting to eat everything in sight and and had alot of gas/indigestion. Some pains in my lower left & right sides, but that's about all. Anyone else going through this?


candy - February 22

yeah im sort of going thru that. but im not sure how late i am or if i am really late b/c im not regular all the time. my b___sts aren't tender like they normally are either. im not really having any signs either way(for my cycle or being preg). im going to test the morning as soon as i get the urge to go potty. ive been up for a couple of hours and so far i havent had to go yet. my body just wont cooperate.


Alexis - February 22

Well I was also expecting af on Sun. still no sign. I' ve posted on the question Am I? but I've gotton no response. Well I usually don't expierience b___sttenderness ever but lastnight my bra was bothering me so I took it off. And also my nipples feel raw very sensitive. Have you taken a hpt yet?


candy - February 22

i took my test and it was neg. have u tested yet missy or alexis


Missy - February 22

I went to the gyn for my pap & when I told her I was 2 days late, she suggested I take a test so I did. It was a regular test & it was negative. She said it could be too early to tell and to wait until Sunday to see what happens. If I don't get it by Friday, I'll probably take a test. I don't know if I can wait until Sunday. Now I'm getting ancy. Let keep each other posted.


Alexis - February 22

Well I did take a urine at the dr's also and it was negative and she said that it could be too early to tell so I got a quant_tive bloodtest and I am waiting for my results.


Sara - February 22

You all sound just like me...I was due on the 18th, it's now 22nd...I'm gonna wait till the first or so of next month....I want a baby so much....I just guess I'm afraid to get a negative result i would rather wait to make sure.....


Laura - February 22

I'm 4 days late, never been this late before. I took a test a day b4 I was due it came back negative. Afraid to take another, usually have sore b___sts & I dont tis time, bit gasey,appet_te has increased. I hope I am


Alexis - February 23

Hi I was checking to see if there was any updates with you ladies, have any of you gotten af or a BFP! I'm still waiting on the Dr.'s results no af yet either.


Doxtator - February 23

Well, Missy I will wait with you because I'm 10 days late. There are no pregnancy signs in sight. I have had 2 pregnancy test and both were negative. Not too sure whats happening .


candy - February 23

i'm still waiting for af. i still don't feel and syptoms of pregnancy or my period. my last cysle was 1/17/05. i was sort of expecting it on monday, but i dont know for sure if that was the day because im irregular i just picked that day based on my last 3 cycles. either way its not here yet. so im just playing waiting game with the rest of you guys and this game gets old really fast.


Missy - February 23

Laura, I feel the same. I usually get the sore b___sts & nothing this time. My appet_te has also increased & I have mucho gas pains. Hopefully its a good sign. I'll keep ya posted.


jen - February 23

its in your head. quit worring! see a doctor


Missy - February 24

jen, Its not in our head. When your ttc every month & then you miss your period the 1st thing you think of is that maybe you're pregnant. Its only natural. We talk to each other here for moral support. We all hope to be pregnant. Thats all. I've actually seen a doctor when I was only 2 days late & took a urine test with a negative result. My doctor said it could have been too early & wait till Sunday. I'm hoping it was too early. We'll see what happens.....Hey Alexis, have you gotten your results yet from your blood test?


Alexis - February 24

Yes, Negative but still no period, If I don't get it by this weekend I'm buying an HPT. Bust of luck to you and I'll keep you posted.


candy - February 25

hey guys! how's everyone doing? any updates? i still haven't gotten af . im so impatient i hate waiting. since i got the BFN im just ready for my new cycle to start so i can try again. i tried not to think about it but thats hard to do. ive been looking up all kinds of info on charting different things and i downloaded a bbt chart for me to use. now i just gotta wait on good ol af. she sure is taking her dear sweet time.


To candy - February 25

Okay... You said you've downloaded all this stuff on the web.. Have you charted the Natal lunar ovulation cycle... I've asked this question but noone has responded let me know...Thanks so much



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