3 Negative Hpt And No Af

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tgirl - January 31

Ok here it goes. I went off the pill april '05, got period each month. Some months were late by like one or two weeks. My last period was 12/11/05 and still no af. Took to home tests, both were negative and went to doctor who I am highly p___sed off at and he did a urine test and of course-negative! I am going crazy, he said for me to monitor my temps every day. But nothing about what to do if period does not come. I am worried something is wrong or what if I am pregnant and it is not showing. He said that my periods are probably still messed up because of going off the pill. I don't by it anymore. I would if I just went off it and it was late but not now. Help guys, Thanks!!!!


tgirl - February 1



tgirl - February 1

anyone there


LN030905 - February 1

tgirl-hey! i went off my bc-seasonal-the 8th of Jan 05. I talked to my dr and she said that within 3 months my body should have regulated itself out. So, I would know when I SHOULD get my period for jan, she figured it out for me and I got it 1 day earlier than what she said. Why didnt you doc do a blood test opposed to a urine test, if you dont mind my asking? Have you experienced any of the symptoms ppl talk about when they are pg? Was your dr visit lately or in dec? Have you tested lately?


LN030905 - February 1

i meant jan of 06..not that it matters but thats what i meant to say


Grandpa Viv - February 1

He wants you to check temps as a pregnancy sign - over 99 could be an indication. I think if you were pregnant you would have at least one or two early signs to tell us about other than a missed period. Do you check CP? If it is low and hard that would increase the chance that you are not pg. Maybe you have skipped a cycle. Not to get in a bother until after you are sure you have missed a February period too. Good luck!


tgirl - February 4

Thanks guys for your support. I got my period last thursday, so I was one month late. I had gone to my doctor last tuesday. I know about monitoring my temps and all. But I was more concerned like if I had a cyst or something. He should of told me to come back if period doesn't come, not to b__w me off. Actually, I did have many symptoms Grandpa Viv, so I guess I made them up in my head!



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