3 Weeks Late BFN

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myfirstlove32 - March 21

here's my ff chart.. *c6a9d* my lp has always stayed the same....i dk whats going on. i know you would probably say i should go get a blood test done, but i'm thinking whats the point....i'm guessing there's no way i can be pregnant after taking 2 first response tests at 36 dpo and having them neg. what could possibly be causing all this? my veins are still more noticable, my nipples are sore, but my bbs are just more tender and not sore...i have cramps but no af...i have never spotted in the middle of a cycle, thats why i thought it was implantation...my temps have stayed high, which is supposed to guarantee pregnancy, even with negative tests, i read somewhere....i dont need to go on... help!


dnfhalf_pint - March 22

Hey myfirstlove32! I'm going through the same thing. My last period was 2/10. I'm now 11 days late. I took 3 $ Store POAS and all negative. I'm exhausted, sick in the morning, but no throwing up. The wierd thing is I've completely lost my appet_te and I've read that you're supposed to be starving. Anyhow, I'm have to pee more often and have gas and cramps every night. I have several variables though. I started on hormone creams in January, so I'm not sure if this is my body reacting and getting used to it. My last 4 periods were 1 day and not heavy, so my doctor did blood tests and put me on the creams. Anyhow, I'm also waiting to get a blood test done. My mom said she was 5 months pregnant before she produced enough HcG to get a positive. I've read many stories where women trusted the doctors instead of their bodies and lost the baby since they didn't take care of themselves. I'm going to wait until I'm 4 weeks late and then get a blood test if I'm still feeling this way. Google "negative test, pregnant" and you'll see a lot of stories about women that have gone through the same thing. Baby dust to you and best of luck. Let me know how it turns out!


Jezebel - March 22

myfirstlove you need to go to the dr and get a blood test you could DEFINITELY be pregnant


sdonahu1 - March 22

I am in the same boat too! I am 23 days late and still all negative HPTs and my doc won't see me until 4/29 unless i have a positive test... Im driving myself crazy because my fiancee and I have been ttc for over a year! Keep us updated!


jue - March 22

hi i never get a bfp with clear blue or first response, i only get a bfp with the cheapo's off ebay. when i got preg with my second all tests were neg until my gp did a blood test when i was 5mths late it came back as positive. good luck


Grandpa Viv - March 23

myfirstlove, without a couple of earlier cycles to make a comparison it is difficult to tell what is going on. You don't even show the follicular phase temps. Your temps are not all that high. Maybe you are not even ovulating, and something else is causing your signs. Any history of cysts in the family? Perhaps you should make an appointment with the doc, but don't mention pregnancy, just female probs. Take the chart with you. Good luck!


lillybug - March 24

Hey myfirstlove32 - Today makes me three weeks late and bfn too. Its a little upsetting to not get an answer when you need one. it hard to decribe my symptoms because I would rather say that I am not feeling anything because when you want to be pregnant everything is a symptom all of a sudden you know? Anyway, ever since thrusday I have been getting very naucious and sick. Tomorrow is my appointment and I can't wait to get an answer. I'm a little nervous and scared but its something I have to do. You too should make an appoinment.


dnfhalf_pint - March 24

Good luck tomorrow lillybug! I'm shooting some baby dust your way. Just remember that there is plan and everything happens for a reason! I always Mapquest the Dairy Queen closest to my doctor's office. That way I can hit it up after my appt, to celebrate or to veg out! =-) Best of luck to you!


lillybug - March 24

thank you dnf - I'm nervous about tomorrow but also ready for whatever answer I'll get. I just want to know a yes or no. hopefully my ob takes a blood test because I'm tired of peeing. lol


dnfhalf_pint - March 24

lillybug - I called and asked my doc if they did blood test before going in. I believe that most will, but you definitely need to demand it. My mom said she didn't test positive with a POAS until she was 5 months along. She's pretty small and she was only 18, so she didn't really know her body and it's signals yet. But there are cases out there where a woman just doesn't produce enough HPT. There are other factors that can mess up your cycle as well. A while back, my body thought it was going through menopause and I had to use hormone creams to get things back to normal. Let us know what your results are...


lillybug - March 24

OMG - thankx dnf!!! do they do pelvic exams if I'm not sure I'm pregnant or not?


dnfhalf_pint - March 24

lillybug - I'm sure every doctor is different, but when I went in, they started with a urine test. While they waited for those results, she did a pelvic exam. This may let them know if it's a cyst or something other than pregnancy. Then if the urine test is still negative, you can request a blood test. My friend brought in a urine test she took that morning, in order to bypa__s the $20 one that her doctor adminsters. But once again, every doctor is different. I would call and ask them what their standard operating procedures are. They most likely will do a pelvic exam though. I also had a friend that knew something was wrong. She went to her doc and they basically told her she was imagining the symptoms. She went and got a second opinion and she 8 weeks along. Then again, some women probably do imagine things. But you know your body, so it's important to take care of yourself, not only physically, but mentally and if that means getting a second opinion then so be it...=-)


dnfhalf_pint - March 27

Hey lillybug! Have you heard anything yet? I am going to schedule my first appt as well. I took a test tonight and received a big fat positive! I did a digital test and it was so worth the extra money to see the word "Pregnant"! I know this is just the beginning because I'm only 6 weeks along, but I'm ready for the ride! I hope your appt went well and best of luck to you!


myfirstlove32 - June 6

i'm months late, but i've been busy. well, i kept taking tests, and all came back negative, but i just know that i was pregnant. i had all the symptoms that i did last time i was pregnant. but eventually my symptoms faded and af came...so i guess it was a chemical pregnancy. i talked to my doctor and he said that definitely sounds like a chemical pregnancy...my 2nd so far...i'm wondering if something's wrong with me that could be causing this? but congrats to you all who have gotten positives!! :)


dnfhalf_pint - June 6

Hey myfirstlove32...well, I was pregnat, but it ended in miscarriage. Super upsetting after all of that excitement. Even though I was only 2 months along, it still really hurt. Anyhow, that's interesting that you've had 2 chemical pregnancies. After my miscarriage I had huge issues with cysts bursting - very painful. It was so frustrating not knowing what was going on with my body and why. Anyhow, best of luck with everything and remember that everything happens for a reason. I'll say a prayer for you! =-)



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