3 Weeks Late Still Neg Tests Could I Be Pg

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Carrie - November 26

I am now 3 weeks late today - had urine test at dr's yesterday and it was neg - I am never this late(usualy 28 day cycle) I did have all the symptoms of being pregnant but they all disappeared last week apart from weeing alot ( i also noticed very tiny amount of brown blood on tissue when I was 17 days late but then nothing) - I have have a wierd pain very low down in abdo for past 2 day's but now that is gone to - We have been trying for 13 years - I had blocked tubes and then had an operation to repair this (11 years ago) My dr say's I have no chance of now being pregnant as the scar tissue would have now come back - We decided to not worry about having children and just have lots of holidays instead (poor subst_tute I know!) so I realy have not been looking for this - I am never this late - any comments ????


Carrie - November 30

I am now 25 day's late - still have to wee alot - have heartburn at night time - stuffy nose every morning - that pain I had very low down in abdo only lasted 2 day's - my Dr say's its all my mind coz I desperately want a baby - if this is all in my mind then surley I would make up sore b___bs and morning sickness - I can't stand the waiting - My Dr say's to bring a urine sample in again next week and won't to a blood test yet, I live in the UK and Dr's are really stingy - Does anyone know if I can pay to have a blood test done privately with out being reffered by my G.P??? HELP.


Christine - November 30

In my opinion your doc should be at least following up a little better...even if they dont want to do a blood test they should be doing an u/s or something to find out the reasoning behind no cycle....maybe ask for a sonogram to rule out cyst on ovaries...Im not sure about the b/test without a doc...you need a script here...New York/US...good luck and keep us posted.


Carrie - November 30

Thanks Christine for you reply - My Dr won't even entertain the idea of doing anything else as she say's it's not that uncommen to just miss a period - I'm now at the point that I am going to just say I am in pain or something just to get her to look into this.


bump - November 30




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