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Tonia - September 21

Hi. This is my third posting this month. I am really confused as to whether or not I am pregnant. I am 30 and have been actively trying for about a year. I have a 7 year old and really want another child. I took 3 months of Clomid (which did no good!) and am now off of it again. My last period started around the 21st of August (my periods are generally 7-8 days long and horribly heavy from day 4-6 of cycle!). I think I ovulated around the 4-6th of September and had s_x on all fertile days. I started feeling sick soon after ovulation and had 4 days of very light pinky/red/creamy spotting only when wiping from the 11th - 14th of September. I then had nothing for three days and then have had very light pink/red creamy spotting again when wiping in AM. I tested on the 13th of this month negative using a home kit. My cycles typically range between 26-28 days with 27 being the "norm". I am now on day 30-32 of cycle and still no sign of heavy typical period bleeding. I don't know if I should still wait a few more days to test again at home or whether it would show up now. My br___ts feel very heavy and my nipples are sore (which usually ends once period begins). I also feel sick, tired, bloated....etc. I just don't want another negative test by testing too early. Any suggestions/advice? Thanks so much!!


Viv - September 21

I am really only comforatble answering straightforward questions the do not involve drugs or doctors. a__suming you are functioning normally, what I see here is a test done only 7 days after ovulation. That is about when implantation takes place,and would be too soon to show anything. It is now a week later and you have good symptoms, including an overdue period. I would test again. Come back and let us know!


Tonia - September 21

Viv - Thanks for the input. I understand your point and certainly appreciate your advice. I will test tomorrow morning and will let you know. Thanks again! :) Tonia


Julie - September 21

Hey Tonia - It sounds like you might be pregnant. Test again and keep us posted. Good luck.


Marie - September 21

I am kinda going thru the same thing. Have you tested yet? I tested negative last week and don't know if it is to soon to test again.


Viv - September 21

hCG levels increase dramatically in the first weeks, doubling from day to day. A week apart for tests is in theory more than enough (however this doesn't help explain how some women go 6 weeks with -ive hpt and still end up pregnant!)


Tonia - September 22

Julie - Hey...thanks for the good wishes! I tested this morning and got a very faint positive line. I need to go and buy another test to try again tomorrow. I want to be 100% sure before celebrating as the test result was a little strange and hard to read. Keep your fingers crossed for me...I'll keep you posted! :)


D - September 22

Well, most test do say that any type of line in the positve area means that you are pregnant, so hopefully everything works out with your second test, maybe you should grab 2 more just in case lol. Good luck keep us posted


southernbelle - September 22

tonia, i was 34 when i got preg with my daughter, now 14 months. i waited, i think, about a week after no period to test and i only got the very faintest line such that i had to hold it up to light to see if it was really there. it wasn't very validating to see such a faint line, but i was definitely pregnant! it sounds like you probably are, too.


Tonia - September 23

Southernbelle - Thanks for your answer. I am honestly very confused. I have been having on and off spotting for a good two weeks now....nothing like the heavy periods I always have. I have take 2 home tests...1 negative and 1 positive. So...I went today to a local clinic to get a blood test done. I really "feel" pregnant (nauseous, extra tired, sore b___sts, weird eating, frequent urination, bloated, etc.) but have just been completely thrown off with the weird on/off spotting and home tests. They said I should get the results within 24-48 hours. If they results come back negative, then I honestly don't know what could explain all of these weird things I have been feeling. If the results are positive, I am going to be the happiest person in the world! I'll keep you posted. Please send lots of positive thoughts to me! :) Thanks again!


Tonia - September 23

D - Thanks for your post. After two tests (one + and one -) I decided not to waste any more money on home tests and just go and get a blood test done. Hopefully this will be the month for me! I'll let you know! :)


Sabrina - September 23

The HCG level double every 3 days in the beginning, not everyday. Most tests needs a HCG level of at least 150, which is why you need to wait at least 2 weeks after conception to get a result on the urine preg test.


Viv - September 23

Tonia, we're all hoping you are going to be the happiest person in the world. Sabrina, thank you for the correction, you are right. I misspoke when I said hCG doubles every day.


April - September 23

Tonia, I am dying to know if you are pregnant! I know someone using clomid and has been desperatly trying since January. I would want more than anything for her to get preganant. So I can only imagine what you are going thru. CROssinG MY FINGERS, please let us know. It should take 48 hours to get the results....


Tonia - September 23

Thanks everyone for your kind replies...you are all just great. I can't tell you how happy I am to have people who understand what I am going through and are there to listen (or read!! lol!). I'll post something (good or bad) as soon as I get the results back. Good luck to you all too!!


Tonia - September 25

Ok everyone...I am more confused than ever! I just got back my test results and I am "Borderline with 5-20mIU/mL". The test results say that "An indeterminate result may be a__sociated wiht very early pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy or threatened abortion. Recommend new specimen be submitted in about 5-7 days if appropriate". I have been spotting on and off for about 9 days now and it is not at all like my normal period. I am still tired, have very sore b___sts and cramps. I wanted to get your opinions and also to see if anyone has gotten this type of result before and then ended up being pregnant? Help!!


Monica - October 2

What ever happened....did you find out you are pregnant?



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