43 Years Young And BFP

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mulgajill - March 10

Well this is just to give a bit of hope for those who aren't spring chickens no more ... this old bird is just got her positive blood test result... woooooooo hoooooooo...


Hailey - March 10

OH MY GOSH i am so excited for you!!! U GO GIRL!!! congrats!! u aren't an old bird!! :-)


SugarPie!!! - March 10

Mulga!!! OMG!!!!! You're preggers!! OMG!!!!!! I'm so excited and happy for you!!!!!!!! How far along are you?! Holy c___p!!! I knew you were preggers!!!!!!!!


mulgajill - March 10

hi sugar.... just found out... rang up the doctor for blood test result... the early hpt's are bloody useless... all that land fill... just one day overdue for af... so a couple of weeks i guess... sort of thought i was preggas last night after i threw my fella's remote control across the room ... it kinda disintergrated... how are you sugar? and thanks hailey... :-)


SugarPie - March 10

Mulga, i was so excited I was slapping my comp desk. Mr. Sugar thought I lost my mind. I'm so d__n happy for you!!! I'm doing well! I'm just so d__n happy for you!!!! One day over due?! Girl... why do I think you're much further along? I can't wait to hear!!!!! So much love*****


MandyD - March 10

YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! GO MULGA!!! I'm so glad you got that BFP! I'm SO excited and happy for you!! Aaaah! This is so exciting!! Are you gonna find out what it is?? LOVE TO YOU HUN!!!


Grandpa Viv - March 10

Great work, mj!


Lil - March 10

Congrats!!! That's wonderful. Wishing you the very best.


mulgajill - March 10

Well,last post for a while... we have a long weekend and i am visiting girlfriend who lives down the coast (that is if the car makes it)... and Sugarpie, i dont think i am further along...i just sort of date it from ovulation day, twoish weeks ago... the doctor thought i must have my dates wrong because HIS urine tests are always accurate (he told me when i failed mine) lol ... just sent me for the blood test to humour another delusional patient... when i phoned he said "the hcg is only a small amount" (because i was right and he was wrong) ... like it is my fault... anyway i am stuck with him... he is the only free doctor that does baby stuff... we will have a love hate relationship i am sure.... Have a great weekend gals... thank god it's friday... i will relax now... and check in after the weekend see how you's all doing. Thanks for all the support... catchya and ********************BABYDUST*************** all round xx


dm - March 10

GO MULGA!!!-congrats!!!!!...i knew one of us on the other thread had to be a "survivor" (lol)...af was suppose to come today for me and there's no sign of her yet so maybe i'll be joining you soon!!! let's keep our fingers crossed and in the meantime I AM SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!! :-)


L - March 11

I have been reading your posts for a while. MUCH congrats! I am 37 trying for 2nd! You go girl!!!!!


Mulgajill - March 11

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! The best of luck to you for a healthy pregnancy and baby!! You've given alot of women hope! Again, congrats and send us lots of baby dust!!!


Hailey - March 11

ur welcome mulga! have a great long weekend..you desurve it!


Coco - March 11

Congrats Mulga !! It's wonderful news , enjou ur p/g !! Much love ****


izzy - March 11

way to go.. i'm so happy for you.


La Rae - March 11

ALRIGHT! Way to go! I am SO HAPPY for you! I cannot even fathom how EXCITED you and your hubby must feel right now! Gosh....I am flabbergasted and in awe! You ROCK! You take care of yourself, you hear? Oh - and could you name all of your symptoms for everyone? I know I am not pg now (pretty doggone sure) but I do have a niece that might be pg and I might get lucky later on, you never know! God Bless You, your family, and your unborn child! Congratulations! p.s. I am working on an email to send in reply to the last one you sent me, but it's been hectic here at work and at home - I'll try to send it off before the weekend is over. Golly! I am so STOKED for you!


mulgajill - March 11

about to hit the road... its early sat am... just doing a quick check in... thanks to everyone for all the good wishes... thanks for all the good wishes.. hope my message gives a bit of cheer to all those ttc'ing and over 35... will do the symptons thing (as compared to last months when i wasn't preggas) when i get back... xxxxxx to everyone :-)



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