44 Cycle Day No Period Neg PT

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Matijea - September 29

Hi I am 28yo and am trying to conceive. Unfortunately we had a miscar. in March of 08. My periods are irregular, but always come. To give you an idea...April had a 30 day cycle, May-29, June-21, July-26, Aug-38....and I still haven't gotten Septembers and I am on day 44. Last month I was convinced that I was preg bc i was so late, and had every symptom..but i got my per. When i was preg/miscarried i had no idea bc it would've been my first. So looking back i developed flu like symptoms around cycle day 42 of that pregnancy and didn't get a positive until day 60.....so here i am on day 44 and have felt like i have the flu the past 2 days. (could this be a sign of preg with me? or just coincedence?) Yesterday i also had a thick clear glob discharge which i had last month and then 2 weeks later i got my period. I thought that kind of discharge was a sign of ovulation? So could i be ovulating at cycle day 44? or am i pregnant? I took a hpt day 40 which was neg. I would love to hear from anyone that can help me or had the same situations? especially if they had the thick glob discharge as a sign of early preg. thankyou1


allpraise2him - September 29

Hi matijea! I am so sorry to hear about your m/c. I've not been pregnant, so I'm not much help, but it does sound like you could be. I do have a question for you. I have irregular cycles like you. Currently on cd 40. Out of curiosity, did you do other tests before you got a positive on day 60? If so, how often?


Houndlover - September 30

Im on cd 51 and had 2 neg tests so far, and still dont know if Im pregnant. I think I have some symptoms but not sure if its in my head. Ive had some flu-like symptoms for the last week, but as my husband just had a cold Im not really counting those. I hope you are all preggers :)


Matijea - September 30

Thankyou for your kindness. To answer your question..When i was preg/misc unfortunately i only took a hpt on day 40 which was neg and then didn't take one until day 60 bc i had symptoms. So i guess i'm not that much help either...sorry. But what i will suggest you to do is wait a few days in between hpts bc your hcg level should double every day if you are preg.....so the higher the level the easier the test will detect it. I hope that helps a little......good luck!



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