44yrs Infertile But Got Got Syptoms Neg Result

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koki - January 4

Hi to all, for days I have been reading your threads and I have become a bit of an expert lol, I feel I know the answers to most questions, however I need to share this with you, perhaps to try and soothe myself, but most of all I now you will listen and understand and not brand me as a stark raving mad British women. Actually I am so disappointed and very confused, I feel so silly, and really do think I may be going insane. I’ll explain why….to cut a very long and sad story short……… I am 44yrs old!!!!! I remarried 2 years ago. I conceived and lost 24 yrs ago, I have had in past years IVF etc etc etc I had come to terms with being childless ( anyone out there having been through EVERY infertility treatments will understand why. (I had explained all this to my new husband BEFORE we married and he still wanted and loved me). My last AF was 17th Oct 2004! I did a home test last night and got NEG result. However, I have had all the symptoms…. I have had the feeling of sick/faint/dizziness (which are pretty much passing now), I have been so tired, (falling asleep as soon as I sit down and fighting to keep awake)! My appet_te went haywire, not wanting food I loved, feeling nauseous at the thought of some foods, I even went off coffee and drank tea (very English hey) but right now feel like I could eat a horse, this will change later I am sure of that. I have had a slight white discharge every now and then in my panties (this is unusual for me), lots of irregular bowl movements (weeks ago very constipated and now very loose) and masses & masses of gas (whoops excuse me!). Some bad cramps a few weeks ago I was convinced my AF was coming but nothing, then this weekend I have had like a ?tight ?stabbing ?stretching feeling down low in bikini line, only for a few seconds intervals but nevertheless quite severe. My tummy is now really bloated and my clothes are tighter, I have no apparent change in my br___ts, but I have experienced major headaches, again a problem I am never accustomed to. As I have read in the threads from another Brit, here in UK blood tests and such are not big and my Dr will have me committed if I go to her with my pregnancy theory. THANKS for listening to me and I would love to hear from you only if it is to support me, but advice and experience stories will be more than welcomed. Bye and good luck to all of you.xxx


Grandpa Viv - January 4

Your symptoms are very convincing, but it's hard to ignore the negative test so far along. Have you had these signs since early November, or did they start recently? Perhaps you just skipped a cycle and got pregnant not long ago. If that is the case I would test again in a week or two. Have you read the research that shows that if you do IVF with a younger egg your chances correspond to the age of the egg, not to the age of your body. Do you have a younger sister or cousin who would cooperate? Keep the faith! My brother in England had a child by a 42 year old a couple years back, and she had tried everything, too.


KOKI - January 4

Thanks grandpa Viv, Hummm u sure got me thinking. However and without sounding negative to your help, the IVF idea is unfortunately not an option and don’t know if I want to go down that HEARTBREAKING road again…. however I will give it some serious consideration, so thanks again for the advice. Skipping a cycle! Well Maybe? I really noticed some symptoms mid December….. I had not been looking for them previous due to my history, but the tiredness and nausea was a ma__sive problem and they penny started to drop, 2 plus 2 were adding up to four. I will keep the faith and hopefully my feet on the ground. My best wishes to you, along with BIG THANKS.



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