4 Days Late But Tests Says No

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lex - July 1

im trying for my second child with the first i knew straight away. now im 4 days late but test say negative, i have been tired and felt sick a few times im just confused. why r the test saying no


lex - June 24

iv now read all the other messages and have my answer going to leave it a week then go 2 the doctors fingers crossed


Jessica Creech - June 24

When I first become pregnant, I took my first test when I was only 4 or 5 days late and that same day I started my period. Then the next month rolls around and I don't have a period so the next month is when I decided to take another one. Come to find out I really was pregnant when I took the first test. So in my opinion those things aren't always accurate.


lex - June 24

thanks jessica i now think the same ill go to the doctors monday instead of wasteing my money on all these tests i have read that so many women have had wrong results


lex - June 26

Well it's me again now im six days late going 2 the doctors monday. This website is great so nice 2 talk 2 women in the same sort of situations


kathy - June 28

Lex advise us of your results im in the same spot....thanks


lex - June 29

hi all it's lex i did another test yesturday at a week late it was a first responce one and it said yes. im over the moon as is my partner got a doctors appointment tomorrow


sweetie - June 30



Nahcol - June 30

That's great news! Wish you the best.


lex - June 30

thank u all


Meagan - June 30

Does the first response work the best?? I have to get one of those to find out if I'm pregnant or not. I can't go to the doctor just yet do to some of my circ_mstances. Is 3 weeks good enough time to find out with a home pregnancy test?


Lolly - July 1

i was trying for a baby and took a first response earlier than i shud, but was 2 xcited 2 wait!!period hasn't come-day late and clear blue is - don't know how long it takes though as this is my first.



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