4 Days Late Neg Hpt

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pwd3mama - September 24

ok maybe someone can help me. I am 24 have one son who is almost 16 mths. I stopped taking my BC in july and my period was regular until this month. My last period was on 8/23 and I was supposed to have another one on 9/20. Well it never came and I am still waiting for it to come. I took a hpt the day I missed my period and it was negative then I took one 2 days later...BFN then I took it the day after that and it was also negative. Is there any chance that I could be pregnant. I have been unusually tired and having mild lower abdomen pains and I just "feel" different if that makes sense. We weren't officially trying to have another baby, but obviously we weren't preventing. Can anyone tell me when should I take another hpt or if they went through this too and came out pregnant. I would be ok with it either way, but it's driving me crazy not to know!! Any advice would help :)


pwd3mama - September 24



pwd3mama - September 25



mom_of_1 - September 25

Ok..Sorry I dont have an answer, but I am in kinda the same boat! I too was do on the 20th and nothing.....got prego symptoms but all BFN (probably taken like 10 tests)! So now not sure what to do! Maybe you O'd late and it is just to soon to test. I would wait a few more days and test again with FMU. They say HCG doubles pretty much daily so you should test pos soon if you are. Or you can get a blood test?


ma1008 - September 25

it could be that your hcg level just isn't high enough for the test to pick it up. but if you just came off bc that could be a factor as well. i came off it in february i think and it would vary a few months after that.


JL3 - September 25

I had that happen once. I stopped taking bc and my first cycle was regular, but then I went 60 days before I had another period. I had all sorts of symptoms of pregnancy though. Needless to say, I wasn't pregnant. But you never know...


mgn - September 25

i would wait another few days and if still no af then test again. my dh and i ttc for 2 years and i know there were some months i stressed so much about it that i think i made af late. whenever i stopped thinking about it my af would come and then one month POOF i was preggers!


pwd3mama - September 26

well day 6 and still no AF and neg preg test This is nuts!!!


mom_of_1 - September 27

Well...darn AF showed her ugly face :( was 7 days late..but she came anyway!


pwd3mama - September 30

well just to let yall know I'm now 10 days late still no AF and neg hpt...I think I'm gonna call my Dr. tomorrow and make an appt.


sarah21 - October 1

Let us know how it goes! It sounds like you could be one of the weird people who have negative home pregnancy tests for a couple months. A blood test should tell you what you need to know. Hope it turns out well for you!!


pwd3mama - October 1

Ok just to let everyone know...I called my obgyn and they told me to go to my primary care doctor and have them do urine hpt and if that comes out neg to do a blood hpt...so I made an appointment for tomorrow 10/2/07 for my primary care doctor so hopefully we will know something for tomorrow. Wish us luck send out some baby juice for me and my dh!!


pwd3mama - October 2

ok I went to the dr. today and they took a urine pt and of course it came out neg....so not only do I still not have any answers, but the doctor did not even seemed concerned about it she just said to wait another 2 weeks and then if nothing happened she would then meet with me again and do some blood work to test my thyroid and stuff. So nothing new really to report will advise if anything furthur happens



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