4 Days Late Neg Test Yesterday All The Syptoms What Now

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Melissa - April 12

I am 4 days late. I'm usually very regular. I'm ttc. I seem to have all of the early symptoms. I have had cramps off and on but no period. I too have a lot of white discharge. Has anybody ever experienced this? When should I retest? Any advice is helpful.


Renee - April 12

I was 4 days late when I found out I was pregnant. I never had any discharge. I did feel like I was going to start my period. I was extremely tired. My sister tested neg and then the next day tested positive, all people are different. I would take one more early morning urine test. I would even wait a few more days before testing. And if that too comes out negative then I would (if you have insurance) make an appointment with my doctor so he/she can do a blood test.


Melissa - April 12

Thank you so much for your help. I too am soooo tired, and peeing all of the time (every 2 to 3 hours, which in NOT normal) I even have have heartburn, and nausea everytime I eat.... I thought I was going out of my mind wondering. Did you test before your 4th day late, and if so what was the result? Thanks again.


mandie - April 12

i had the same problem... sometimes it takes a few weeks to show you are pregnant on a test. if you can take a blood test... there are 2 kinds qualitive and quant_tve.... sorry i forget which is which but if you can take the one that measures how much hcg is in your blood that should determine if you are pregnant good luck and baby dust****


Stacy - April 12

Hey Melissa, I have the same problem almost. I am two days late(I think?).Usually I ahave a 28 day cycle last month it was 34 days and this month I am at day 30.Took test this morning was BFN. I realy think I am preg though. I have the same signs as you. I have been late before and never thought anything of it but this time I really think is the month. I have the white discharge as you. I usually only see it after I pee(sorry to much info). Stay positive, from everything I read on here it can take some time for a positive result to show up!! Good Luck to you, they say wait atleast two days before you test again!!! My fingers are crossed for us both!!!


helpful - April 12

Sometimes when your ttc your body does weird things. I too was always regular and have had 1 early and1 late cycle in the past 6 months.I would test again tomorrow with first morning urine. Good luck



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