4 Hr Doctor Wait And Weird Result

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laura8 - June 28

i had my first doctors appointment yesterday which took 4 hrs of waiting until she could finally see me. the problem is, some of the things she did/said to me seemed weird. for example, she told me not to take prenatals until 12 weeks, she didnt do any tests (to confirm pregnancy or whatever), and she said 9 weeks is too early to hear the heartbeat. correct me if im wrong but i know of some women who heard it at 8 weeks. does any one have any ideas???


spammy4145 - June 28

Well my experience was, I went in they did a urine pg test. Positive and gave me prenatals right away to take. I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks and heard the heartbeat Via ultrasound, i'm not sure if 9 weeks is to early to hear hb thru dopplar or not. you could research it on the internet. I dunno maybe she just didn't "have time" for you. Maybe she didn't prioritize you. Good luck tho


LN030905 - June 28

That does seem weird to me...unless perhaps prenatals dont really start to go into use until the..but I dont see how that could be right. Ok..I just looked this up online and I used my cousins gf's info as a guide...but she said she concieved around the end of may and she heard the heartbeat on Monday...That seems early bc its the second month whenever the heart forms...but thts what it says..I dont know..but I went to this site and it said that the greatest chance for birth defects for her would be the 29th of june-the 3rd of august (5-10 wks) if thats true..then Id think you need to start taking them now! Heres this site..enter ur lmp info it will give all that stuff to you....If I were you, hun, Id thik that the Dr may hve been too busy to properly see you and examine you. Id call the Drs office and talk to a nurse and ask questions or else maybe ask around and find another Dr. Good Luck, babe!


LN030905 - June 28



Emma2 - June 28

Well, in reagrds to the viatmins, my dco told me to stop taking them until after the 1st trimester due to M/S. The heartbeat I was able to hear it at 10 weeks. It took a few minutes to find but I think at 8 + weeks , its def. doable!


jue - June 30

i have been on my prenatals since 2 months before I got pregnant, I am now 11weeks and heard the heartbeat at 8 weeks at my first scan. if i were you I would change doctors asap. my doc did a hpt and blood test, told me to keep taking my multivits and booked me in for my first antinatal and my first scan at 8 weeks. congratulations and good luck.


AmandaManns - June 30

When I was pregnant with my son I was started on prenatal vitamins right away and they gave me an ultrasound my first appointment just to confirm a due date. I was 7 weeks pregnant at the time and I heard his heartbeat through an internal ultrasound. I didnt hear it through a doppler until 12 weeks though.


liladams - July 2

My doctor told my between 5- 12 weeks of pregnancy is the most important time to take prenatels becuase that is when they start developing the heart and other organs also brain development. Maybe you should get a second opion or call and demand a blood test . Hope everything goest well. good luck and keep us posted


rhamel - July 2

Well, you can't hear a heart beat with a doppler until later on, and you can't really hear the heart beat with an ultrasound but you can see the heart beat around 9ish weeks... I think... don't quote me! At my first appointment I think I was 7 wks and they did an ultrasound I couldnt see the heart beat yet all I could see whats a lil dot and an amniotic sac. I think doc said to hold off prenatels because they can make morning sickness way worse. If you can stomach them start them now though it may help with development of organs and later on in pregnancy they still help not only for baby but for you... I didn't take prenatels coz of morning sickness and after my c-section my iron was LOW for a long time and it made me soooooo tired.


Carrielad - July 2

I say switch doctors. Folic Acid (in the prenatals) is the big thing my doctor pushed with my first pregnancy to prevent birth defects. She even has me on them now and we're just trying to conceive. Good Luck.


mira - July 3

Ive also been told to start taking prenatals (mainly folic & calcium) while we're ttc. Its because the first few weeks of conception are some of the most imp for the baby.. either go back to your dr when she isnt so rushed laura, or find someone else that has more time to answer your questions & rea__sure you. g'luck


laura8 - July 4

yeah, i was on prenatals before i got pregnant, and i havent stopped regardless of her advice. i have another appointment with another doctor on thursday who i hope will be more thorough! thanks for the advice and i will keep you ladies posted!


Emma2 - July 4

Folic acid alone is not considered a pre-natal. Folic acid is the one to take above all else for nural tube defects.



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