4 Positive Test But Can T Believe

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aimeedaniella - April 25

I am due for AF tomorow. I have taken 4 tests over the last 3 days and they were all positive. The first one starting with the faintest of lines getting a little darker each time. I called the hotline and they said that the HCG hormone was detected otherwise there would be nothing to see. So I took another brand that also had a faint line. But I cannot concede to the fact that I am pregnant because I feel like I am about to get my period tomorow still. My br___t are extremely sore and my hips and joints are sore. But I also have cramping and lower back pain which I cannot tell is due to my period coming or possible pregnancy symptoms. Does anyone have anythought on my situation. Let me know. Thanks.


jamie - April 25

think +!!!! I think you're pregnant --regardless of how faint, false positives are almost impossible. Good luck, wishing you well


Misty - April 25

You are definately pregnant sweetheart. Those tests work by picking up HCG levels in your system. They are only there if you are pregnant, you will sometimes get a negative when you are really pregnant because the HCG levels are too low. But, you will never get a positive when you are not. Good luck to you.


aimeedaniella - April 25

thanks for the input, guess i will just have to wait and see. Wondering if the period like symptoms are being exxagerrated in my head? Don't want to go to sleep tonight because I don't want to wake up in the morning with AF and be dissapointed. Hope those test are right.


dm - April 25

hi aimeedaniella...when i was pregnant with my dd i took about 6 hpts b/c i couldn't believe it either. i also had af cramps in stomach and in my back and i just knew it was coming. i definatly think you are pregnant. call your dr for a blood test to confirm. congratulations and good luck!!!


jess_lynn - April 25

I feel like i am in the same boat... i took many tests too, and they came out positive. i also feel like i am about to get my period, but i am not sure. i feel what you are feeling right now


aimeedaniella - April 25

Its interesting to hear everybodys stories. This could really drive a person insane. I feel like I could stay up all night on this site plus i dont want to go to sleep and wake up with my period. Aye!


e - April 26

That's how I feel.... I am a week late and I still feel like my period is coming. Everytime I check and there's nothing!! (I also took EPT and it was negative). I've posted here before, so few of you might know my story.



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