4 Test Negitive PLEASE HELP

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nickay - November 6

Ok im new to this, I am 5 days late and I have never been late before, My husband and I have been trying for over 5 years now, Doctors said that his sperm was low but there could be a chance. I took one today and it came out negitive, I was feeling Nasuated, very tired and cramping like a period. Is 5 days to soon from my missed period?


china03 - November 6

Do what I do when period does not start on time take a bath with hot water the hottest that you could support and just laid down on the water and just realx and if no period start is that it could be a possibility you could be preggo and I have three boys under the age of 5 and it never show a positive til after like 6 weeks of preggo Good Luck and keep me updated.


mjvdec01 - November 6

why don't you just go see your OB and get a quant_tative blood test? 5 years is a long time to wait for a baby. I'm sure your doctor would be more than happy to draw blood for you.


nickay - November 6

I went to the doctors yesterday and he told me I would have to wait till about a week before he will do a blood test. I want to know now, we have been waiting soooo long. Im going to do another test in the morning, the 4 that I have done was always in the afternoon. Do you think that will make a diffrence?


kendra.marie - November 6

omg thats bullc___p. i got my blood test the day AF was due why are they making you wiat?


nickay - November 6

I think because of my insurance. I have a HMO!


jenn W - November 6

A lot of people take a while to see a BFP, it's weird. I PRAY you are pregnant....I can't imagine waiting 5-years. Do a first morning pee and see how it goes. I hope everything works out for you. Please keep us posted!


nickay - November 6

I will, if i dont get a positive result by Monday Morning, Ill pay for the blood test myself! Thanks so much all of you!


sashasmama - November 6

What tests did you do? You should try a different one. I've used most on the market (at the dept. store) and the one that's never wrong is Equate, to everyone's surprise.


nickay - November 7

i took EPT, and first response, all Negitive, Im 6 days late today, and i took one (EPT) 1st thing this morning, still negitive, im feeling crampy (NOT GOOD) and my stomach hurts if i suck in. is this good or bad?


nickay - November 7

I took a hot bath last night and just layed there, resting,, and this morning had very bad cramps...but then the faded. i took the test this morning (first P) and nothing,. still negitive.


kelbabe - November 7

i just wanted to say, that o have a mega hot bath whilst ttc or being preg is a really bad idea!!! not only is it not good for you but its also not good for your little eggies!!! plus the heat could make you pa__s out if you are preg, and it can be dangerous if you fall.


nickay - November 8

still nothing, day 7 no period, i have never missed a period in my life, give or take a day on being late, i feel that i am, all the days add up, however with my husbands low sperm count its like 1 in a million odds. I dont want to lose faith but its there.



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