4dpo And Having Signs Af Due 10th Sept

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r - September 1

hey im 4dpo i am hot at night twinges to 1 side,very fatigued,dizzy spells,was bloated and nauseous earlier.getting tiredness headaches, peeing h__l of alot aswell. has anybody been pg and had these signs so early im sure my egg has been fertilized this month baby dust xXx


r - September 1

and im soo ga__sy and constipated.


nina - September 1

I am also 4 dpo and expect AF in ten days. I feel some palpation or pulling/pulsating in the upper b___t muscle on both sides. I don't know what that is. I pee to, but I think it may be that I had drinks of tea. A few more days and we'll see what the temps reveal. Mine the last two days is 98.5


r - September 2

well im 5dpo today and i feel so tired my b___bs hurt also its my nipples they r so sensitive and ictchy


Julie - September 2

I had the same thing happen to me and about a week ago I got a BFP!!!!!!!! Good Luck BABY DUST


r - September 2

julie wot wer ur signs at each dpo?


ruby - September 2

hi ladies! i'm hoping for a BFP this month, after a m/c about 10 months ago. i noticed about 3 - 4 dpo (IF I OVULATED) my nipples became very tender. now my entire b___b is sore. last nite at about 4 am, i had to run to pee and my b___bs felt extremely heavy and sore. i got a BFN on HPT yesterday morning..but i'm still holdig on to some hope. any similar situations? thanks!!


r - September 2

3-4 dpo is too early to test i am 5dpo and not testing til 14 dpo to make sure my bbos hurt and i get nausea in the evening,


ruby - September 2

oh sorry, right now i'm probably at 12 dpo. so at 11 dpo, i got a BFN.


r - September 2

oh wait til ur 14dpo then you should get a bfp! how else do u feel are u peeing more?


ruby - September 2

i'm not sure if i'm peeing more because it might be a symptom...or just because i'm a water-drinking freak! lol : ) i work out so i drink about 2 bottles of water at the gym, aside from what i regularly drink. last nite, though, i could not keep my eyes open past 8:20pm. i headed straight to bed and did not move/wake until i had to run to the bathroom. i think i'm gonna wait 'til next tuesday to try another HPT.


r - September 2

yeh same here i feel like im comming down with something im so tired and its 7pm, just had some food and not feeling too good after that.headaches aswell.my b___bs today have been awful my nipples r so tender


Min - September 3

Hi Girls, My AF is due 5th Sept. Used OPK this month a nd bd'd on the "right" days. Been having all same symptoms for past 5 days - exhausted all of the time, falling asleep even after I've just got up), heavy b___sts (far worse than PMS), tender nipples, nausea, dizziness when standing, hot flushes. So far have had BFN 12 dpo and always 28 day cycle, so 2 more days to go and I'll try again. Wished I'd never taken test now, makes you feel that your a freak imagining it all. It's our first time ttc (3rd month) and can never imagine seeing BFP! Think I'm gonna start waiting until the usual AF due day in future (if I can, it's like having a choccy bar in the fridge!!). Buckets of baby dust to you all!!!, will let you know if AF comes. on 5th...............or maybe BFP (just slapped myself for dreaming again!) Good Luck to you next Ruby, is it 4th that your AF is due?


r - September 3

these are my symptoms i am 6dpo now 0- woke up with egwhite cm then had s_x and started to spot 1dpo- still spotting more pink, eggwhite cm gone.cramps sore b___bs 2dpo- still spotting gone back to brown thick cm.still crampy a little nauseous feeling really hot face all blotchy and neck.sore b___bs peeing more 3dpo- dull ache in my tummy,sore b___bs some shooting pains pasty cm yellow tint,really thick.bottom of back hurts hot flushes feeling more tired nauseous 4dpo-constipation, more gas, loss of appit_te,sore b___bs sensitive nipples,greasy skin when it should be clear.tired, wanting to sleep at 9pm.waking up at 9 feeling tired.no cramps yet its only 10am cm is white and sticky headache bhind the eye again,feeling nackerd at 3pm peeing more 5dpo-tired, moody, creamy cm,feeling nackerd at 3pm again, swollen glands 6dpo- ichy b___bs feel haeavy when i move my arms,moody mild cramps achne all over my face, usualy get spotty when af is here but its 8 days away.headache over eyes


Christeena - September 3

I have been pregnant before and had signs early. I now think I am pregnant again. My period is due September 7. I have been having all the same signs as you. My temp is 99.7. The first response test reveals an almost invisible second line. I wish the second line was clearer.


Min - September 4

You certainly know your sympyoms, R!! Have you been ttc for long? Think the worst thing is to do hpt too early, I've decided now to wait until af is overdue this month and ant month in the future. This is the first month that I've felt so symptomatic, but feel as though my body is just playing tricks on me! Christeena, a faint second line is a bfp if you're sure there is one there!!! They're more expensive, but the clear blue digital are fab for giving you a clear bfn or bfp!! Maybe try on the 5th if you can't wait til the 7th?


Christeena - September 4

I don't know all the abbreviations. If someone could tell me it would be much appreciated. Thanks



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