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sian 1 - June 16

is there any thing i could be looking for right now that would indicate that i might possibly be pregnant i am due af around the 26th or 27th and i bd on 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th x 2 11th 12thx2 13th and 14th just to be sure !! as you can see i tried really hard this month !! and my cycles are around 28-29 days last af being 28th may i think i did all i can this month to get pregnant !! i will just be so dissapointed to see af this month .


sian 1 - June 16



sian 1 - June 16



Tonibug - June 16

Hi Sian, I am in the same boat as you are, my husband and I are trying and we had s_x on the 9th, 11, 12 and the 14th, we didnt try as much as you guys did..lol! But I hope the outcome is the same for both of us...PREGNANT! Good Luck and I wish you all the best. I have started having the lotion like dischage this morning which I have heard can be a good sign of pregnancy.


Susan K - June 16

I don't think that there are signs that you can look for. It is early in the game. Try to relax and forget about the 2 week wait. I know that it is hard to do. I am due for af tomorrow or Sunday. Took a test and bfn yesterday. I was bummed about that. I was looking into too much during my 2 week wait and it drived me crazy. If af does show up, I'm going to try to make an effort not to stress about it. You have a good chance ot getting pregnant by bding on those days. Good luck and I hope you see a BFP!


sian 1 - June 16

hi TONIBUG i have the lotion cm aswell and i have had heart burn like acid for the last two days but i keep telling my self that it is way too early for symptoms yet but they just seem wierd as i never get heart burn !! do you have any thing wierd going on ??


LadyD - June 16

Hi, sian. Sounds like we are in the same boat. I am also due for af around the 26th. According to the online calcualtor, I am ov'd around the 12th and I was doing a lot of bding around then. Now it's just a patient wait. I don't have any discharge as of yet or any other signs. It's not common for women to get signs this early in the game. Now we'll be waiting......


huddie - June 16

Hi lady D! looks like we ovulated on the same day! The wait is HORRIBLE..anyways, my cervical mucus is not lotion like it is more watery...does anyone know if it is supposed to be watery or is this a down side for me?


Tonibug - June 16

Hey Sian, my back also hurts a little and I have been a little bit more tired than usual but other than that really nothing. My AF is supposed to come on June 30, I dont know if I will wait to test until then or if I will just test early.....I dont want to get a negative! what about u? do u have any other symptoms?


sian 1 - June 16

i am a little ga__sy and the heart burn has been for two days now and the lotion cm is even going on my knickers sorry tmi !! and usually i only see it when i wipe i dont know i think im just kidding my self as it is way too early for symptoms isnt it ??


slowpoke01 - June 17

hey all i ovulated around june 15th and had iui done on the 16th so af should arrive on the 29th so i was wondering if i could wait with you all i had a very easy iui (intrauterine insemination) didnt hurt and i am not cramping and e1 else that i talk to say that they are still cramping like a week after so i dont know if that is a good sign or not well i will check back in with you all good luck to everyone


JessicaC - June 18

Huddie, I have the same cm, but I have no clue if that is good or bad. And slowpoke01, I ovulated on the 15th, so I'm waiting to see what will be happening come June 29th. Gosh, the wait is too long, huh? I don't think I am pregnant though... or maybe I am just trying to relax myself by saying that, I don't know. All I know is that 14 days feels like an eternity. To be honest, I wasn't trying for a baby (even though our actions last week sure seemed like it), I just want to know! My nipples have felt sensitive/sore and today my b___bs feel kind of swollen... but I don't know if those are symptoms that would be appearing so early, or if it is because of something else? I also had some acid reflux and slight abdominal pain. One more thing: The last couple of days I have had a lot of "desire", if you know what I mean, normally I have a very low libido (hate to admit it), could that just be because I ovulated?


sian 1 - June 18

well this morning i did an opk and i am not ovulating and it came a very bright positive within 30 secs did a preg test and was neg (of course ) it is way too early but i still have lots of creamy cm when wiping what do you guys think ??


sian 1 - June 18

b u m p


sian 1 - June 18

any one ?


mgn - June 18

hey girls. im also in waiting for af patiently. i am due the 20-22nd. (cycle is anywhere from 26-28 days) dh and i have been ttc for almost one year now. this month is strange to me. it feels different. i have NO PMS signs. no bloat, no bbbs hurt, no major appet_te, no crave chocolate?? hmmmm the only time i remember this happening was once in december. the bad part is that i was like 4-5 days late and thought i was prego b/c i am NEVER late. so, i hope this is not the case this month as well. i am trying to not get to excited as i was very upset when my body did this to me about 6 months ago. as for signs, i really dont think there are any major signs until closer to af due date. my cuz (now 6 months) said the only thing that happened to her in the 2ww was right before af was due she got a huge wave of nausea, tested, and bfp! heres hoping we all get the same! jessica as for the "desire" i hear that you can get that (or the latter of that...hope not for dh sakes) when your pregnant. again, cuz said she has REALLY good s_x now. so, maybe that is a sign??? i hope so for you! happy fathers day (hopefully for our dh!)


slowpoke01 - June 19

thank you girls for answering me i am waiting still and it is so hard to be patient since i know it is way too early to tell i still have no signs or anything no sore bb's no cramping no bloating no nothing i dont know i am so hoping that i am pregnant but i will have to wait a little longer before i can test thank you all



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