55 Days Since Last Period

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youngsweet81 - January 20

Ok...The first day of my last normal period was on the 27th of November. I normally have a 28 day cycle. I got tested on the 9th of January with a negative result. When can I test again? I really haven't had any signs of pregnancy, but I usually know when I'm about to start my period because I get quite emotional. I'm trying to be patient, but I want to test again...Is it a good idea?


Faith1 - January 20

i think you should go to the doctor.something is definitely happening in there.and it could be something serious.good luck


youngsweet81 - January 20

I'm going to the Dr on Tuesday. What kinds of things can make my period this late?


Lin - January 20

Have you recently stopped taking the pill? Some don't get their period for a few months after stopping. An ovarian cyst can also cause you to miss a period.


youngsweet81 - January 20

I haven't been on any birth control. My thought of the missed period was a cyst. My boyfriend thinks I'm thinking worst case senerio though. When I went to the Dr, they just told me to come back at the end of January if I hadn't gotten it yet. Hopefully everything turns out ok...It's just a bit scary.


Cindy Johnson - January 20

I am sure you are fine. Don't worry until you have a reason to. I have been very late before and almost skipped a period before. I have also had 2 periods in one month before. Sometimes your body just plays tricks on you. You could still be pg too. When I got pregnant, it took a while to get a poitive. I went to the doc. and had a test done and it was neg. and went back a few days later and got a pos. Please let us know what happens. :) I think you could go ahead and test again now. !!!!


Lin - January 20

There's really no reason to think of a cyst as the worst case scenario. They're pretty harmless, and most resolve themselves without any intervention. We all get them at some point or other - we just don't notice them - it's just that a minority of women have them rupture or have to have them removed. At any rate, it's not half the big deal that it seems at the time, even if you have to have it removed via laparoscopy.


youngsweet81 - January 20

I really want to test now. I'm sure you all know, that waiting is almost painful! I'm going to try to wait until Tuesday (I've waited this long right?!). Thanks for all your support. I'll keep you posted. Who knows, I might now be able to wait that long!


Lin - January 20

Why don't you test now? The 9th was quite awhile ago. If I were you, I'd just test once a week until you either get your period or get a bfp.


youngsweet81 - January 23

Well, I took a hpt this afternoon and it is clearly positive. I probably could have tested awhile ago...This opens a whole new chapter in my life!


Lin - January 23



April B - January 23

My Goodness! I could totally be you youngsweet. The first day of my last period was November 29th. I have had multiple HPT, all (-). I had a blood test 2 weeks ago and that also was (-). I concluded that I wasn't pg. But tomorrow I will be 4 weeks laske and I have never been late!!! And yesterday I was talking to a friend who said she got a (-) blood test weeks after she missed her period and she was pg. So just when I thought I'd put this baby (no pun intended) to bed, the waiting starts all over again! I guess I'll go back to the doctor in a week if AF doesn't come. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Congratulations, by the way, youngsweet! :)


Lynn S. - January 23

YoungSweet81 Congrats on your pregnancy!!!!!! I feel for you because I'm sorta in the same situation as you were in and that April B is in. My last visit from AF was Dec. 2 and she has yet to show her ugly head. The last time I took a test was Jan. 19th and got a bfn. I'm just waiting for either a bfp or af to show up. I guess only time will tell. Congrats again! =D.... your message really did give me some hope.


clairol - January 24

I had given up really, but I too have not heard from AF!! at all! since the 2nd dec. my b___bs are sore on and off and I defnitely defintiely have a metal taste in my mouth that has been here for a week... I had a BFN blood test a week ago and had thought to just accept that I wasn't and move on... but hree is still a niggle there!!?!?!??! sucha ma__sive congrats to you youngsweet Are you 7/8weeks?


April B - January 24

Lin and clairol...you wanna hop in my boat with me? LOL! Ugh!!!! I'm not going as nuts as I was 3 weeks ago, but I'm starting to freak out again. I take sleeping pills to help me sleep and I'm like, "this is not good if I'm pg.". But I need help sleeping! And I like my wine on occasion too! So now I'm feeling kinda guilty if i have some. But then I'm like..."but you got a negative blood test!!!!". I think I will ease up for now though until I go back to the doctor or AF comes.


Mamma2Laycee - January 24

Finally!!! People in my situation! I'm 6 weeks late tomorrow, last AF was Nov. 16th... 2 negative HPTs... I haven't tested since December though, My fiance won't spend money on a test and he's my income, and I haven't had time to go to a free test clinic. I've had lots of symptoms though... Headaches, increase in discharge, sore b___bs, back ache, nasuea, and most of all, I'm always tired. So do you mind if I tag along with you guys and see what goes on? Baby dust to all of you:)


clairol - January 24

HI April B your the same as me... I thought sod it I am drinking! didn't feel like much but had a few gla__ses of champagne! still have such a metalllic taste in my mouth and its that that makes me still think!?!!?!?!? so I will test again but wait till next week... i agree I was so all over the place 2 weeks ago and now I can't belive I still have to wait to know.... surely it is more straightforward. I can appreciate highs and lows but long drawn outs ones are a pain... just when I got over the disappointmentof a neg blood test and then the relaisation of YIPEE another month... I am left with ????? again!?!?!?!? so keep me posted!!!! I really do understand! C xx



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