5 Days Late

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Kels - November 20

I was suppose to get my period on November 16th. My last period was October 19th! I spotted on November 10th. My period is now 5 days late and I have felt crampy all week like I am getting my period, but it is still not here. I have also felt queezy and a bit dizzy at times. I took a pregnancy test on November 18th and it said negative, but I still think I am!? Any answers? Please help!


S - November 20

I am in your same boat - crampy since last sunday, my period was supposed to start last tuesday - cramps are in the very lower part of my abdomen - you?


kels - November 21

Yes lower part of my abdomen. I thought I was getting my period, but it still isn't here. I took my second pregnancy test this morning when I woke up and it said negative also! So I guess I am not pregnant, but why all the symptoms!! Did you take a test yet S? Anyone else have opinions? Let me know.


Alyssa - November 21

There may not be enough hcg in your system to detect yet. Some women may test negative for weeks! I would wait another week and retest and if it still comes up negative, see your doctor and have a blood test done! Hope this helps


m - November 21

I am having similar symptoms. S and Kels, when you say you have cramps in lower abdomen is it all over or just on one side? Are they strong cramps? I have been having twitching/light cramps on my left side for the past week (I ovulated a week ago based on my bbt). Now I've been having soreness in my lower abdomen like I've been doing situps. Is this what you're experiencing?


Kels - November 21

Hi M. Well my cramps come and go, sometimes they feel like fluttering and sometimes more like menstrual cramps. It is all over in general, not just my lower abdomen and it isn't just on one side. Hope that helps..........my period still hasen't came!


Karina - November 21

I'm the same as you I was suppose to get my period on Nov.13. I been taking 3 pregnancy test all said negative, but I been have all the symtoms, but I think that I'm preganant. HELP.


april - November 21

last month i got my period on oct 19/and suppose to get my period on nov 17. i havent got it yet. my husband and i been trying for the past 5 years. i have the same symptoms.tightness in the lower belly/yesterday i wasnt hungry but i kept eating. i did 3 cycles of clomid took a break this month/ and wondering if thats the reason why im late.. im calling my RE doctor tomarrow to get a blood test... im not wasting my money on hpt, they never work for me. about 7 years ago i had a miscarriage and i took alot of test and came out negitive. so if i am pregnant this time i might be able to save myself from having another.. good luck to everyone my heart goes out to all of you


felicia - November 22

i have nearlt the same dates as you and i still haven't got my period...i have more questions if you could email me back.


Peaches - November 22

Well i am in the same boat as you guys my period was due on the 17th and still hasn't arrived I did an HPT on Sat and it came out negative. I am having all the symptoms of pregnancy and even had the metal taste in my mouth. My periods are usually dead on so I don't know whats going on!!!


ans - November 22

hi, not sure if this helps - but try using first response test (read that it is one of the most sensitive tests) and do the test first thing in the morn as soon as you wake up. You may have a higher concentration of HCG in your urine then and you may detect a faint line. Best option ofcourse is to call your nurse and do a quick blood test. The results will be here the next day!


Kels - November 22

Well it is now 7 days late, and I still feel crampy! This is crazy...........2 tests negative, no period, and feel pregnant! This is driving me nuts!


a - November 22

try another test.


a - November 22

I mean try getting a blood test.


Peaches - November 23

Still no period!! I'm going to try another test at the end of the week!! Wish me luck!


kp - November 23

I don't really have an answer but want some help. My boyfriend and I have been trying for around a year to get pregnant. I had my last period on October 9th. I should have started between Nov. 6th-Nov. 9th. I still have not gotten my period. I took a test on Nov. 11th it was negative, but I have had cramps on the left side of my adomen since the Nov. 6th. I am cramping in other areas too which is not normal for me. I also had a metal taste in my mouth a few days ago. I have had back aches that started two days ago. I am very emotional at times and have a discharge, like I just got my period but when I check nothing. I am so scared to take another HPT or to get a blood test done. I don't want to get my hopes up but something is definitly different. I just feel pregnant, how can I when I have never been pregnant before? Please help!!!!


cat - December 3

a metal taste in your mouth is a pregnancy symptom



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