5 Days Late Could This Be It

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highopes07 - October 3

Hi everyone! I'm new. I've tried board after board and everyone else seems to be blowing me off. I want to get to know everyone, I just need some help! My boyfriend and I have been ttc. However, this past month we weren't really trying..but we weren't using birth control, other than him pulling out. Now, I'm five days late, I'm EXHAUSTED, my back is killing me, and I have strange cramps (not as bad as when I get my af) a tugging sensation occasionally, smells are bothering me a little, and I'm nausous...a lot. My br___ts don't hurt all that much but I think they are fuller and a little more sensitive. I don't notice the darkening of the areolas; because honestly, I don't know what to look for! My OBGYN told me to wait a few weeks to take a hpt. But it's so hard...what are the chances?? Anyone else have similar symptoms in early pregnancy????


k. - October 3

Hi highopes... I would take a pregnancy test, it would show up now for sure..... Get the equate brand at Walmart, I found them really good... Good luck and let me know..


marss - October 3

i think we are in the same boat. i don't have any change in my breat but i become so ga__sy. do u have any light headed feelings? i didn go to the doctor yet. i will 2 more weeks. i'm faceing only little smelling problem thats all. best of luck. lots of baby dust for u.


MAC_33 - October 3

I actually heard that the equate/wal-mart tests were terrible now. At one time they measured 20hcg. Now the new ones show a positive at 100hcg! You can tell the difference in old and new by the color of the cap...Old is white (good) and the new is purple (bad).


ma1008 - October 3

i agree with k. i think it would show up on a test by now. is the ga__sy part a symptom early on, cause i have that, af was due oct 1. bbs are sore too, but alot of people say that happens after you miss your period.


Rainbowbrite - October 3

I think it sounds like you could very possibly be pregnant... only way to know for sure is to take a test or go see your doctor??? when are you going to test??? and if you're 5 days late already for your period you don't need to wait a few weeks to test... it could show up any time and be a descent positive (if you are pregnant) after your missed period.. although there are cases where women won't show a positive until later on... but everyone is different... Everyone has different symptoms or even no symptoms at all... when i got my bfp back in july i had just been having like pinching feelings in my legs... i had more headaches and lower back aches and that was NOT common for me at all... i wasn't nauseous, or sensitive to smells or anything like that.. so just keep in mind everyone is different... Good luck and let us know when you test!


highopes07 - October 3

Thanks a lot everyone! I took a test before I got a shower, it was negative. Which makes me go even crazier!! I use the dollar store brand though...are those bad? And to marss...I feel dizzy and lightheaded every now and then...pretty often though. And lots of baby dust for you too!!!<3 ma1008..I have gas too, and lots of it. Disgusting, I know. But it's reality! thanks everyone for the replies!! But what should I do now?? Should I wait some more or call my doctor?


MAC_33 - October 3

The dollar General brand measures an HCG level of 20...so I'd say that's VERY GOOD!



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