5 Months Preg Willing To Answer Any Questions

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hayley - April 28

i am now 5 months preg. if anyone has any questions you can ask me and i will try to help. i got a lot of help from this forum and would like to help others now


Lilly - April 28

Hi...I wil try to keep you busy:))))))) So...I am wondering what do you think - is it possible to be pg in the 3-rd month and not to know it? And two tests came out negative. And how did you found out - in which week did you find out you are pg?


me - April 28

is ur belly huge yet?


natasha - April 28

hey hayley. first of all congrats to you. Bdw my af will due on 28. but there is no sign for af except backache which sometimes i got it b4 af. the prob here my b___st still sore. usually the pain will stop a week b4 i get af. i got headache and fatigue too.. can u helpme?


Jen - April 28

Have you felt any movement yet? What does it feel like. I've felt movement but I wouldn't describe it as flutters or bubbles. Sometimes it feels like little electric shocks. Do you think that could be the baby. 22 weeks


Marie - April 28

Thanks for helping us out here. My husband and I been trying the past couple of weeks and lately i'm noticing some sypmtoms, but I don't know if it's due to going off the pill or possibly I can be pregnat. My period isn't due until the middle of May. I'm so tempted to take a test, but don't want to too early. Any suggestions?


Paige - April 28

Hey Hayley i have a question.... when did you first get sympotms i know everyone is different but for the past two days i have had to pee alot nd other symptoms of pregnancy and its 11 days after intercourse... and i should star my period in a few days so it was around ovulation wheni had s_x i suppose... do you thinki could be pregnant or not?


hayley - April 28

wow what a response haha. first of all hi lilly, i think if you were in your 3rd month you would probabily know by now, if your anything like me you would be throwing up non stop and really feel like c___p, i found out because i was getting really strong cramps low down and it was 3 weeks before my period was due so i waited and did a test, i found out 2 days before my period was due, i did one of them early tests. i think you should keep trying or if you do feel pregnant go to the doctors, they will give you a definate answer. hello me, my belly is definatly showing, im already in maternity clothes, ive also got a dark line running up the middle of my belly, i dont know where that has come from haha hi natasha, well before i found out i had really sore b___bs and i also had alot of headaches, even though i had these all before my period it just somehow felt different, i just felt like c___p in general, just wait till 28th and take test, pregnancy symptoms for me felt just like period symptoms but everything felt heavier and i just knew that it wasnt just a period hi jen, ive been feeling movement for a couple of weeks now, i completely agree with you it is like electric shocks i asked my mum and she said that when you are are around the same time as us the baby is bigger and as it is turning it is hitting on nerves and things, i dont know if thats true or not but i definatly think it the baby doing something in there haha do you find it sometimes feels like a pulling, tugging feeling? email me [email protected] if you want to talk more about it hi marie, how long have you been off the pill? i dont think taking a test now will confirm much at the moment, you are going to have to wait til your period is due and take a test, im sorry i cant help much but i know sometimes coming off the pill can make you feel a bit odd and mess up your cycle so im afraid i know as much as you, i would like to know the outcome though hi paige, i got symtoms about a week after s_x and i did pee a bit more than usual, i also had a lot of cramping around that time that felt like period pains but i knew it was too early for that, if you had s_x around the time you ovulate there is a very good chance you could be, do you have any strange feeling like the cramping or heaviness?


lisa - April 28

Okay, I really need your opinion, bc you would more then anyone else...conception would have happend on the 15th of this month, my period is due tomorrow, but ever since monday I have been having cramps, but they really arent so bad, but they would be wayyy early, I also just have noticed that my b___bs are kinda sore, this could be symptoms of my menstrual, but...for some reason it just feels diff....I have taken 2 prg. test this week, and both neg. was it to early? do you think I am prg? hope soooo!! thank you so much for taking time to read this!


hayley - April 28

hi lisa, you seem to have every symptom i had haha, i think you did the test too early, i kept doing that because i was so desperate to find out, i actually did one about 2 weeks before my period was due. the best way to be sure is wait until about three days after its due and it should be quite accurate, your symptoms sound very hopeful tho. i also had a constant burning/tingling up the top of my nose fo a while and found out that it is because your blood pressure goes up when your pregnant, i didnt even think that was a symptom but everybody is different. i am really hopeful for you


Lisa - April 28

Ive noticed my temp. changes from low to average....I checked it every hour last night, and it would be at least a 1/2 of a degree diff. everytime, did you notice anything like that?


natasha - April 28

thanks hayley. i agree with u bcause i really have a terrible backache and also a really sore b___st which i really couldn't stand.. hemm... baby dust to me and to everyone out there.


help me please - April 28

I just finished a 3 day clotty period. Last months period was bright red for two days. I had horrible cramps with this last one. The bleeding stopped for almost two days and now when I wipe there is pink gooey discharge on toilet paper. I have taken test but all negative. Also have some light veins on my b___sts. What is the story with my body? Also have tons and tons of wet discharge in between the pink. Thanks in advance.


michell - April 28

PLEASE HELP EVERYONE, I'M VERY FRUSTRATED AND CONFUSED. i had some spotting last night on the 32th of my cycle. it last this morning (33th) i had 3 pregnancy tests from the 28th to 31th but all shows NEGATIVE. what's the problem here. i have never been late. always on the 28th day. could i be pregnant, i'm gonna buy another test tomorrow at DOLLAR TREE. SENSITIVITY AT 25 mlu. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SHOWED BY THIS AMOUNT SENSITIVITY BY NOW RIGHT?


whitney - April 28

ok so here is the deal..unlike most of you i do not want to be pregnant, i am 18 and about to graduate high school. i had s_x on spring break which would be at the beginning of this month. i am on birth control but i always mess it up so i accidently started my period the day after i had s_x...i had it for a week and then i started taking my birth conrol and stayed normal and then i messed up again and started my period about a week and a half early..but now it is time for my period and im not getting it. im not sure if i could be pregnant or not, because i definitly had a period. i know you won't know for sure, but what do you think. and congrats on getting pregnant:)


Lilly - April 29

Hi Hayley!!! Thank you for the answer! I really think thah if I was pg ther would be some kind a symptom more than 2 months ago.Now I feel some soreness in my b___sts. Congrats to your pregnancy - wish you all the best :))))))))))))))))))))) And thanks for the answer :)


dee - April 29

hi hayley i have had cramps and also white discharge about a week b4 my af is due i had a baby about 6 years ago but i cant remember what my first syptoms were then can you help me



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