5 Weeks Off BC No Period

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Chelss - March 10

I stopped taking the pill right before my period. My period started 33 days ago, now nothing. I was VERY nausous with a bad head ache day 15 through day 20. Now I feel better, but still a bit of a head ache, dizziness, VERY moody, but no period. Am I pregant or is it just my body coming off pill? When should I be concerned that I have not gotten my period?


Kristina - March 10

I went off the pill this past December and my first period was Jan 30th. It was 39 days from period to period, so I would expect you should have a period in the next week or so. It takes about 3 months to get your cycle back to what is was before you were on the pill. I am on yet another 39 day cycle. :( I hope this answers your questions.


vanessa - March 10

I too came off the pill (June 2004) and my periods have been between 33-40 days each month. The first few months off the pill I was sick and dizzy... it's almost as if your body IS pregnant but you aren't. I believe this to be the hormones you produce naturally getting back into the groove on their own. Then again, I've had friends that got pregnant less than one month off the pill. Are you ttc? If so, take a test to be sure. If you aren't.. hang in there. You're body will start to feel "normal" again after a couple of cycles.


Chelss - March 10

I had a lot of preg symptoms though, was wondering if it is even possible. Also I am extremely hormonal. Were u like that?


Chelss - March 10

I am ttc, I took a test the day after my expected period, but it was negative. This process is so frustrating. If I don't get my period does that mean I am not ovulating?


mulgajill - March 10

I came off the pill in oct 04 and got pregnant straight away, so never got a period.... (subsequent m/c)... have been on and off the pill many times over the years and my cycles always kicked in normally, 27-28 days after (it varies to what your normal cycle was before the pill)... though it can take longer for different people i guess.



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