5 Weeks Post Miscarriage What Is Going On

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~m~ - April 4

I posted this question in General Pregnancy Questions, but I wanted to post here too. Forgive me if you've seen this twice..... It has been 5 weeks since I miscarried. I am still having lots and lots of cm, I still cramp, and I haven't ovulated yet. Anyone ever experience this? With my other miscarriages, I ovulated 3 weeks after it happened. But it is 5 weeks and no ovulation yet... plus all of this discharge. ewwww! I took a hpt just to make sure and of course it was negative. Has this happened to any of you?


louise - April 4

i didnt ovulate for 6 weeks after my first miscarriage, for 10 weeks after the second and for 12 weeks after the third. it vaires but as the body has cleared out the fetus, it will produce the cm to clean and protect the uterus as it contracts back down to its normal size


Jenn - April 4

I'm sorry to hear about the miscarriage. How many have you had? I have never experienced it so I don't have an answer for you - but I was curious to ask if they know why you're miscarrying? A friend of mine was telling me her sister who only gets her periods like every 45-65 days has been pregnant twice and miscarried - they finally realized she had a ton of scar tissue on her uterus and think that may have been the cause. Just curious to see if you had the same thing. Baby dust to you. I hope it happens soon and you have a healthy 9 months and ever after.


~m~ - April 5

Thanks ladies!! louise, thanks for explaining the cm. That was really concerning me. I did some Google searches, but I wasn't able to find anything helpful. Thanks! Last night, I went home and did my ovulation strip, and it showed my Lh surge, so hopefully I'm about to ovulate!!.... finally! ---- Jenn, I have had 4 mc's. And my doctor is brushing me under the rug. He isn't concerned. His att_tude is to "keep trying and keep your fingers crossed". That's what he told me. I told him I wanted some tests ran on my tubes, uterus, etc. He said, "No, that's not necessary since you aren't having trouble getting pregnant." I was thinking, "Well DUH b___twipe! But we gotta figure out why I'm losing them!" But I just took it with a grain of salt, and now I'm switching doctors. I'm sick of not knowing. He ran some blood tests and they all came back normal, but he wasn't interested in pursuing anything else. He just doesn't give a rip about me obviously. So I've found a good woman doctor that everyone raves about. Hopefully this will be a turning point for me! Thanks again ladies!! :o)


Jenn - April 5

Hi ~m~ I'm so happy to hear that you have switched doctors. Maybe you could look into some of what I was telling you about with my friends sister. You never know. Maybe April will be the month for the both of us. Sending you much baby dust.


~m~ - April 5

Ditto Jenn... then we can be waiting buddies together! :o) That thing about the scar tissue really makes me wonder if maybe my doc suspects he screwed up on my last c-section and maybe he thinks if we run tests, I'll figure it out. I hope my new doc runs tests on everything. It's the NOT knowing that is killing me. I do have 2 healthy sons, so I can deal with it if I can't have anymore.... but I can't stand not knowing what the problem is. -- I've posted my address for my piczo website before, so you may have seen it, but I like to show off my boys every chance I get, so you can check them out if haven't seen it before. :o) http://www.ourprideandjoy.piczo.com/ . Please look over my little one's hair, it's terrible I know! I have since cut it. It took me months to get him to cooperate!! I have some new pics I've got to get uploaded. I'm bad about procrastinating!



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