5 Weeks Prego

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missy - November 22

just tested positive today at the doc's. if anyone has any questions i'd try my best to answer them


Jen - November 22

Congrats! Girls like you who offer to help are so nice : ) Did you have ib?


missy - November 23

thanx jen :) nope i didnt have any type of bleeding or spotting since my last period


Honey - November 23

Congratulations, MIssy! I -may- be 5 1/2 weeks pregnant, just waiting to see if I get a positive result in the next couple of weeks. What sort of symptoms did you have right away? Anybody else get spider veins?


Daisy jean - November 23

What symptoms did you have?


missy - November 23

thanx for the congrats ;-) i didnt have many symptoms in my opinion. i had occasionallly sore b___bs, frequent urination, headaches, dizziness, queeziness, light headedness, i really thought i should test when i opened up a can of tuna fish and almosted thru up all over the place. i also was having cramps like my period was coming but it was a no show. i was about a week late when i tested. hope this helps u ladies out. i'll be happy to answer any more questions. babydust to u all :)


Millie Jo - November 23

wow, that is great. Did you have more flatulence?Thanks.


missy - November 23

oh yeah i cant believe i forgot to mention that one lol. i have soooooo much gas. i pa__s gas every 5 minutes lol sorry if tmi. especially after i eat oh boy :)


Em - November 23

does it have a different odor. Mine is really bad..lol


missy - November 23

some are deadly lol but others have no odor at all


Em - November 23

Missy, that is so funny. Mine are dealdy too. I am glad I have my own private ofice..lol


missy - November 23

lol that is lucky cuz u dont have to hold them in. its such a relief to get them out. i havent told my bf the good news yet so he just says sumthin must have crawled up there and died cuz they smell so bad...lol but it is quite the opposite ;-)


Jp - November 23

Congrats!!! I was wondering, when did you test positive?I would be around 5weeks right now but I keep testing bfn..I feel preggo and I think I had ib...Please help!


Jp - November 23

What I meant was did you only get a bfp at doc's or did you test bfp at home yourself?Thanks...


Becca - November 23

Missy, how soon did you start to get sore bbs? I am only 7 dpo but I have had sore bbs since 5 dpo. I always get sore bbs before AF but not until about 11 dpo, so 5 dpo is really early for me. I was just wondering if getting them early is a good sign.


missy - November 23

no i never tested at home. those hpts are way too expensive for me and planned parenthood gave me a free test. the doctor told me i'm about 5 weeks but according to my calculations i'm more like 6 weeks. dont worry it takes some ppl longer than others to get the +. what i would suggest is to take a blood test they are more sensitive and accurate than any urine test. good luck to u and babydust as well!


Sian - November 23

congrats. Are you guys getting married now?that is great.



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