5dpo Cramping Nausea Too Early To Test Due Roughly 27th

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mandajane - February 16

I am in my first month of trying to conceive, the first day of my last period was 30 January which lasted about 5 days. I believe I was ovulating somewhere between the 8th-12th February. My partner and I had unprotected s_x on the 4th, 6th, 10th, 12th. Its now the 15th and I shouldnt be due my next period until roughly the end of next week yet I am experiencing a strange dull ache all across my abdomen right along the knicker line. Its been happening for about 3 days now. Never suffer with pains usually, not even when I'm due on. Could this be a sign of implantation? Any help please would be appreciated. Has anyone else had this and turned out to be pregnant? As its too early to test I don't know what to think. The pains at time make me feel a bit sick too, im lost


Lady83 - April 23

Hi Ladies, Im so glad I found this forum. I'm recently TTC (3 months) and I need people's opinions/advice. I had somewhat irregular periods towards the end of 2010 year, since Jan they have been pretty regular (31 days avg). I went to the dr. did the sonogram, blood tests, etc no irregular results came through (Dr just advised i lose some weight- since Jan Ive lost 14 pounds on WeightWatchers- almost 5% of my BMI) Anyway, My LMP was on March 30th. I believe I OV on April 16th (using the OPK). I started what I think is IB on April 21(started out reddish/brown- little amount, then towards the end of the day it was a lesser version of what resembled my period (used a liner and it didnt really show- only when i wiped)- sorry to be so TMI! and now April 22 pretty much 3-4 brownish spots (not even enough to get on my panties). Is it a good sign/normal to have IB 5 days after ovulation and about 9 days before my expected AF (April 30th)? And if it is a good sign, when should I take a pregnancy test? I dont want to be disappointed... thanks in advance! BabyDust to all of us :)



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