6 Day Late Period Darkened Nipples Nausea Fatigue Pregnant

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tinkerbellstankgirl - June 26

Hi Ladies. I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me. I am 20 years old, i miscarried in January at 10 weeks. Since i have had a normal period every 30 days. Me and my partner had unprotected s_x before my last period.Which was due 24th May 06. On the 15th of May 06 i started to have a little brown coloured bleeding which was on and off for a few days. I then had what looked like a normal period which lasted around 3 days. I then finished on the 22nd May 06. Since then me and my partner have had s_x using the withdrawl method once on the 16th June 06. Before this i was having my PMT symptoms as normal (headache stress mood swings etc) Since then i have had no more of these symptoms. Now i am 7 days late for my period.. It was due on the 30th June 06. I have had a small ammount of Thick White Discharge.. been very tired for no reason.. My nipples are more sensitive and browner.. i have had a slight on and off pain in my rigth side.. I was sick this morning for no reason..frquent urination and .. my outer va___a feels different. also i feel no signs of my period.. Though sometimes it feels as if i am "dripping" and i think i have come on but i check and there is nothing.. not even discharge.. I was wondering how i could tell if i was pregnant or not without doing a test as i cannot get tested untill Thursday!! And the suspense is killing me!!! Im sorry for the long post! Please get back to me. Thanks alot. xxxx


kvilendrer - June 26

These sound like some signs of pregnancy. Especially since you are 6 days late for your period, I would test as soon as possible!


calimom - June 26

no one can tell you if you are pregnant, you really need to take a test. also how can you be 7 days late, if you are not due for af till June 30th-it is only the 26th of June. The timeline doesn't make sense. If you had a period that finished on the 22nd of May and it had only lasted 3 days, and your periods are every 30 days, you would have to have started on June 19th or 20th. was this a typo..clarify info, but again no one can tell you, you must take a test-cant you get an hpt. all your signs sound like preg, but could be anything.


LadyD - June 26

The suspense will definetely kill you. You can't tell if you are pg or not until you take a test, just TRY to relax...easier said than done, I know. Your symptoms sound very promising & I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I had a "drip" for days last cycle & af was 8 days late..winded up having a yeast infection. Don't know if they were related or not, but that's my weird body...lol. Sorry to hear about your loss, too. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, sounds real good. Keep us posted. **FINGERS CROSSED**


tinkerbellstankgirl - June 26

Hiya. Sorry i ment to type the 20th of june!!! Also the proper bleeding started on the 19th may.. but the light spotting started a couple of days before.(around 15th).and was on and off.. Sorry for not being precise enough. I didnt mean to cause any confusion. I can't get a hpt because i have no money at the moment. as i do not get paid untill friday. thanks for your replys though.


Lala - June 26

Hey, do you have any DollarTree stores near you? Beleive it or not, they have one of the best hpt's for only $1. The only bad part is you have to pee in a cup; it's not the mid-stream type. There's a really good site that talks about all kinds of hpt. You should check it out. It's: peeonastick.com She talks about the DollarTree test and ALL the other there. best to you!


tinkerbellstankgirl - June 26

Hiya!!! Thanks alot for that.. but unfortunatly i live in the UK! And the cheapest i have come across is about £8. Which i don't have at the moment! :( Thanks tho.. xxx


Rhonda - June 26

Wow you have alot of symptoms of something going on,hopefully they are pregnancy symptoms.Im sorry about the m/c you had.Keep your chin up,and think baby thoughts.


tinkerbellstankgirl - June 28

Well.. i went to the docs today. and had a PT it was negative. My doctor was busy and seemed to get rid of me rather fast before i had a chance to ask her everythin i wanted. So i came back here for some advice. Today i have had LOTS of white thick discharge , which looked as if it had little flecks of blood in it. I was wondering.. if i HAD got preg on the 16th june.. would it have shown up ? :S xxx


Rhonda - June 28

I think it may have been to early,everyone is different,some can show early while others dont show until later.I say wait a few days and test again.



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