6 Days Late Need Some Advice Please

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ld14824 - March 24

So AF is now 6 days late. I have always been regular. This is the first time I have ever been late. I have taken 4 hpt's and 3 came back BFN and the other one came back with a faint positive. For about the past 10 days I have been having period like cramps but no af. I have been having clear discharge and sometimes milky white discharge. I have had lower back pain, lately i've been having headaches, my nipples have been very sore and i've become very picky about what i want to eat. I also don't know if this is really a sign but i've also been having a runny nose. Any advice would be so helpful. I'm really hoping this is it. Thank you.....


jena - March 24

those are some preggo signs! actually, a runny nose is a sign but not often talked about. the discharge, sore b___bs, headaches, etc. are good signs toward pregnancy. If you got a positive on one test that's a good sign. Make sure you use first morning urine so it's the strongest. If it were me I'd take another in the morning, but the longer you can wait, probably the better - maybe Sunday? Good luck to you!


ld14824 - March 24

Thanks for the quick responses jena..I have 2 more test so i'm thinking that I might take one tomorrow morning and see what it says. I'm also wondering i've heard that it's better if you first pee in a cup and then test because of the concentration and being able to really make sure you get enough and for the right amount of time??? Thanks again.....


Grandpa Viv - March 25

Yeah, those tests say "under laboratory conditions" which do not include in-stream sampling. Those are all early signs you are giving. How about vivid dreams for one that is not often mentioned?


ld14824 - March 25

Ok well I took another test this morning and I got another faint positive. Do you think that after having 2 faint positives that chances are I am pregnant??? I have had some dreams that seem very real lately. I never knew that could be a sign though....thanks for the help...



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