6 Days Late And Counting

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CeeCee - August 1

Anyone else wanting to wait with me? My cycle isnormally 38 days and I am now on day 44. I've taken a test and BFN. I'm 23 and we have just started trying. I'm feeling seriously bloated and have really senstive nipples. Anyone else in the same boat???


Lisa - August 1

Hey CeeCee. I am 5 days late and have taken 2 test and gotten a BFN. I too have symptoms, very tired, sore b___st, bloating and headaches. I am 25 and my husband and I are trying. Good luck to you and let us know if you get a BFP!


CeeCee - August 1

Hey Lisa, thanks for getting back to me - at least I know I am not alone. It will be great having someone to talk to about this!! Keep in touch.


Patti - August 1

I'm a whopping 14 days late and still getting a BFN (5 tests) I have sensitive nipples, headaches, sleppieness and frequent urination. I took a blood test today and will know tomorrow. Good luck to you!


Lisa - August 1

Hey Patti, Good luck and let us know how it goes.


AB - August 1

I am 15 days late nowm have had 4 neg HPTs and one neg blood test but I am still feeling queasy, have funny taste in my mouth, had cramping, lots of CM and my b___sts have been a bit sore since last friday. I have no idea whats going on!! I am thinking I will wait til thrus which is a week from my blood test and take another HPT?


Patti - August 2

Thanks Lisa. AB, what did your Dr. say about ther neg blood test? I find out my results sometime today. I will post as soon as I know. Hang in there everyone and Good Luck to all!


Lisa - August 2

CeeCee, just wanted to know how you are doing today. When are you going to take another test?


CeeCee - August 2

Hiya - I managed to get a dr appt for this evening and I have just got back (i'm in scotland so it was quite impressive to get an appt so soon!). She has taken some blood tests to make sure I am ovulating ok but get this - i don't get the results back for another 3-4 weeks!!!!


Lisa - August 2

Well, that's torture itself. Maybe you'll find out before then. I'm going to make an appt Friday if I haven't had af yet. I'll let you know how it goes and let me know how it goes with you. Good Luck


CeeCee - August 2

I reckon I'll wait until the weekend before i try another test. Let me know how you get on on Friday.


Patti - August 2

Got the call on the blood test today...BFN. Also had very slight tinge of pink this morning, but now nothing. 15 days late, I thought for sure I had to be pregnant. Oh well.Now I just want AF to come so I can try again. Lisa and CeeCee, good luck to both of you!!!


r - August 3

im 5 days late now af was due 7/29 having cramping a little last night themetallic taste and vivd dreams really weird 1's about cats n and old lady


Lisa - August 3

Patti, I'm sorry to hear that. You want to know either way, give me a BFP or af. Well, keep trying and Good Luck!


Tracey V. - August 3

Hi... I went to the OBGYN yesterday and did a urine test and was a BFN. I am having all the signs of pregnancy. I spotted brown when my period was due and had a few drops of red blood (watery lookin') and that was all. I am now thinking that maybe I miss calculated my LMP. Maybe it was closer to the 3rd of July, since I know for a fact that I got it on June 3rd (had this written down). So maybe what I was experiencing on the 27th-30th was implantation bleeding? I go back to the OB/GYN to get an U/S. The dr thinks a possible cyst on my right ovary, although I wouldnt get these pregnancy symptoms from that ( i looked it up). Maybe if I wait until the 4th or 5th because that will be about 5 days after the IB and thats about when you will show a positive because thats how long after IB it takes to get enough HCG in your urine. Any thoughts????


CeeCee - August 3

Hey Patti, I was real sad to hear about your BFN. I was naughty and done another test today, also a BFN. Its a heart sinker isn't it? Tracey V - I really hope it's not a Cyst, my fingers are crossed for you!!


hi all - August 4

laureli here. AF due 1st aug, now 3days late. Nausea on/off since 1st aug. Lmp 4th july. Cramps since 22nd july. Anyone had any change in cm? (sorry if offensive). But cervix low&hard this morning, then this avo bit higher&softer, with milky cm, that only lasted couple hrs though. Nausea again now. BFN on hpt on 1st aug (day AF due). Thinking doing another HPT on sat, being 6th aug (will be 5days late then). Please keep me updated. CeeCee-have you thought about bloodtest, if both tests you done were hpt, they could be wrong. I read other women don't get BFP until more than a week late. Fingers crossed. Still having any symptoms. Please help me with cm anyone if you experience similar. Rather confused here! Ta. Laureli x



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