6 Days Late And Disappointed

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Trinityjae - February 8

I'm 6 days late and I've been regular since stopping my bcps 5 months ago. I keep getting negative hpts and my doctor ordered an HGC blood test which also came back negative. I have no signs of AF. The only strange thing that happened was that I spotted for a few hours on 2 days (cycle day 15 & 16). I just don't understand what could be happening. It broke my heart to hear dh say..."I really thought it happened this month." I need some support. I feel like crying.


LN030905 - February 8

Hey Trinity!!!! First, realize that it takes some ppl YEARS to concieve!!! Try to remember that there will always be next month and the month after that and so on! It will happen for you!!!! Ive read cases where ppl in a similar situations you are in went to the doc..neg blood test...hpt neg..and then never got af. After a while they go back to the dr and they are pg, it was just too early to detect anything! Keep your head up! If you want to cry-CRY!!!! Im sure your dh is just as upset as you are, but if he knew how badly you were feeling Im sure he would feel even worse!!!! Ill be praying for you! God bless!


Trinityjae - February 8

Thank you for your kind words. I know it takes awhile. I just wish I knew why for the first time this irregularity happened. If I wasn't trying to conceive I guess I wouldn't really thing too much of it. I feel like it's nature's way of trying to keep me on my toes.


gmonny - February 9

I feel for you, but maybe you need to look at this from a different perspective. After I lost my first baby, the doctor told me to keep trying. He said that I could be comforted knowing that I could conceive. But, he also said not to think about it too much. He emphasized that when I'm with my husband, not to think about getting pregnant, but enjoying the moment of being with him. He says that when couples are in this relaxed mode of just enjoying the intimacy of each other, the body's internal make up is different during the actual act, less stress hormones to get in the way. I know you must feel disappointed, but just shrug it off and have fun practicing. You may be surprised at the results. I hope that this helps and good luck to you. I wish nothing but the best for you. Don't cry...it's wasted energy!!


frankschick2001 - February 9

TRINITY: I hear ya. It's hard when we dont know what is going on with our bodies. It could just be that you're late for no particular reason, it happens. Especially since you were on birth control. You just have to keep trying, that all. I'm sure that your efforts will pay off soon. If you feel sad, then by all means, cry away. But put a limit on the crying. For instance, maybe cry for 5 minutes, but then wipe the tears and try to do something fun. I am feeling very grouchy today. Frustrated with "trying", thoughts consumed by this,, etc.



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