6 Days Late Negative Htp

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marietarmstrong - February 6

Hello, I'm just looking for some opinions. I had my last regular period Jan 2nd, and my husband and I only ended up having s_x once (on the 16th) and used the pullout method (we'd be happy to become pregnant, but are trying to space out our kids birthdays). My husband was sick all month, so conception could've only taken place on the 16th. On the 19th I had some unusual bleeding that lasted 3 days. Enough to warrent a tampon, but not as heavy as a heavy period. Now I'm 6 days late, and I've taken two htp. Both were negative. I've been tired, nauseous, emotional, and had some pretty crazy dreams, but I wonder if it's all anxiety related. I really want to know whether or not it's likely that I'm pregnant. The Dr keeps telling me to wait it out, maybe even another month, but I'm too anxious. Anyone have any similar experiences?


Grandpa Viv - February 6

Great timing in spite of the pull-out! Implantation spotting is not usually just 3 days after ovulation, but I expect there are exceptions. Now you have signs and are late. Test again a week after the last, using first morning pee - hCG hormone doubles every few days. If you miss a second period without a positive test, call the doc again. GL!


marietarmstrong - February 7

I took another test this morning, and it was negative. We are considering myself "not pregnant" and are now planning on getting pregnant within the coming months. We didn't realize how ready we were for baby number 3! If I do end up being pregnant right now,I'll let you know :)


millie2010 - February 10

Hiya im experiencing same thing iv not had children yet but been with partner for four years. I last came on 13th dec 2010 went on using pill that iv used for 7 years for 6 weeks came off pill on sat 29th jan and only had brown discharge for two days now nothing i feel sick tired emotional feel a little sick and only want certain foods...could of concieved any time as s_x is healthy. But 3 tests since sat and all negative...doc said to test weekly until 3 weeks if nothing go bk but driving me mad



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