6 Dpo And Yellow Creamy CM Sign Of Pregnancy

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Lisa - October 18

Has anyone had lots of yellow creamy CM and become pregnant?


jonesy - October 18

i did when i was 13 and it turned out i was hiv positive. go get tested


Lisa - October 18

Jonesy, I don't think so, it's not possible, but thank you!


hi lisa - October 18

even i am 13 dpo and creamy disharge ,not discharge but when i wipe ,i have no idea


Grandpa Viv - October 18

A clear or creamy discharge (lotion, wet down there) is one of the possible early signs. Fatigue and more peeing are others. Good luck!


Lisa - October 18

Well it is exciting, good luck! Do you have any other symptoms?


Kim - October 18

I had creamy discharge about a week after ovulated. It only lasted a few days, and now I have none. ( I am about 4 wks pregnant)


Lisa - October 18

Thanks Kim!


Cendy - October 18

Lisa, I have had lots of creamy yellow cm since my O on Oct 2-3. It is so unusual for me to have cm much less how much I am having and the color being yellow to creamy white at times. My AF is due today, but has not arrived and cm is still coming. I am not sure if it mean pregnancy, but I will let you know if I am or not. BABY DUST!


pita - October 18

were you on meds this month? I was on clomid and got that this cycle too but i was not pregnant. I hope you are.


J. - October 18

I'm also 6 dpo, but no actual symptoms. My b___sts are a little sore, but not too bad. Could it still be too early to tell at 6 dpo?


Lisa - October 18

You just never know! Every pregnancy is different. Also some women get the same PMS symptoms, I never had PMS symptoms so I knew I was pregnant.


Lisa - October 18

Cendy, good luck, keep us posted. I heard it was a good sign! Are you on any meds? I am not, but I did start using natural progesterone cream after ovulation.


to lisa - October 18

r u pregnant


Lisa - October 19

I don't know yet, I am praying. It is still too early, I am only 7dpo and was asking about the yellow creamy CM, I have 2 children already (and 1 MC) and never had this before, I have read that some women get this and are pregnant either white or yellow.



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