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Kira - November 22

Hi everybody. My name is kira and i've been ttc for about 6 months. 28-29 day cycle, 14day luteral phase. Text book case other than getting pregnant right away, which i haven't. I bd as much as possible every o, but i havent charted my temperature yet. thats next i guess. I guess you could say im not actively trying like some of you ladies. Im taking the 'if it happens, it happens' approach.


Patti - November 22

Hi Kira! Can't say I'm in the 6 month club, but wanted to wish you luck. I too was not really ttc, but not trying to prevent it. I m/c Nov 3 and now I do want to actively ttc. Good luck and baby dust ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


Em - November 22

Hi Kira, I would like to invite you to Baby Poops thread, We really are the best thread on here and we have a great group of ladies and lots of bfp...we are a lucky group,so come on over! :)


patty - November 23

hi kira---well i belong to the nine month club---it is very sad--every month that goes by i juts fell worse. however i did see a medical talkshow this morning that says stress affects 10000000000000 percent our hormones.....so maybe that is why we are not pregnant yet. we keep stressing about when...when...when it will finally happen.


Maren - November 23

Hi Kira, my dh and I have been trying since April, so this is the 7th or 8th month. I charted for about 4 months, lately I have been taking the 'if it happens approach' so I don't stress out too much. We had some stressful times, moving and in new jobs so perhaps stress does have a lot to do with it.


Em - November 23

HI again. I was only in the 1 month club so come on over and I' throw some baby dust on you! Baby Poops thread welcomes you!


B - November 23

I thought I was with you and everything was "textbook" because of my 28 day cycles. I just started charting this month and I think I may have found my problem. I have a short luteal phase, which can cause infertility. I would start charting just to make sure you are "textbook". A good site is fertilityfriend.com Good luck. By the way, we have been trying to conceive since June.


Emily - November 23

I hope this helps I had been trying to concieve for 6 monthes doing everything right then I decided I am going to take a month off if it happens it happens if not oh well. I didnt try to figure out when I was ovulating I was really sick that month and stuff-we probably only had s_x about 5 times the whole month-very rare for us. Guess what I got pregnant. No one was as shocked as I was. Not saying it works for everyone but I say if I you try to hard its not gonna happen.



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