6 Negatives 1 Positive Then Another Negative Now Blood

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TaylorLeigh - August 3

Hello ladies, I am in serious need of help! I have not had a menstrual cycle since April 25th, and between then and the middle of July I took around 6 home pregnancy tests, and all came back negative, although I still had no signs of a period. Yesterday (August 2) I went to PriMed to get a physical for a new job, and when they found out when my last cycle had been, they did a urine test. Sure enough, it came back positive! I was almost confident that it would. Well... immediately after that, I went to sit on the toilet and when I wiped I had brownish discharge. I had heard that was normal so I thought nothing about it. Then today, I had to leave work early because I could have sworn I was having a miscarriage! Heavy bleeding and severe cramps... I went to the ER and the doctor came back saying I wasn't pregnant, and that the test had been a flase positive. Is that even possible? The only way a positive comes back is if you have hCG in your system, right? Well I am not on any medication or anything that would make it apparent... Which result should I believe? The 7 negatives or the 1 positive? PriMed took a blood sample and sent it off to the lab, and I haven't heard from them so I'm assuming they haven't gotten the result from that one yet. Also, my boyfriend's mother told me that it is possible to trick your body into thinking you are pregnant. I know you can get the symptoms, but I'm pretty sure it's not possible to trick a urine test. So my questions are - What result do I believe, positive or negative? Am I miscarrying right now? and Is it possible to trick a pregnancy test? Help!!! ):


TaylorLeigh - August 3

Also, my belly has bloated out, I've gained about 10 lbs, and my b___sts are tender. I also get little "flutters" that feel like gas bubbles in my abdomen area, and I'm very constipated.


TaylorLeigh - August 4

Got a call last night from PriMed - they said the blood results came back negative. So how in the world did I get a positive urine test?


Grandpa Viv - August 4

Google [false positive pregnancy urine test] for interesting hits. You probably should discuss everything with your doctor in case some unspecified ailment is present.



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