6 Weeks Not Sick

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Kat21 - May 24

I am 6 weeks pregnant and am wondering if its normal i am not sick last weekend i was feeling a little nauseated but besides that not sickness at all..i have extremely sore br___ts, very tired,frequent peeing,heartburn,bloating..another others but no sickness my first doctors visit isn't til the 12th of june i am just wondering if its normal not to be sick..also my boyfriend has me on a strict healthy eating plan and i have been taking prenatal vitamins since before i even got pregnant.


callie2008 - May 24

consider yourself lucky! unless you have cramp and bleeding simutaniously i wouldnt worry. congrats btw!!


Kat21 - May 24

ok thank you i haven't had any cramps or bleeding so i guess i am just worrying its my very first time i know alot of people on my dads side and my mom didn't have sickness at all.


POOF - May 24

its perfectly normal! congratulations!


krissy2006 - May 24

Count your blessings and pretend it doesnt exist because contrary to popular belief, morning (or all day) sickness can pop up out of nowhere. I thought I was out of the woods when I got to about 16 weeks with no morning sickness what-so-ever. Then at around 16 weeks, well look who was knockin on my door. Granted I only had it for about 4 weeks, but it was horrible. So just thank God and pray he isn't saving it for later. :)


SoonToBe - May 28

Kat21, I'm 7 weeks and have the exact same symptoms, I think it depends on your body, so I hear. My mom said she didn't have any morning sickness either. It's all so exciting. What prenatal are you taking?


FrancesM - May 28

Kat, congrats. I never got sick and I am 30 weeks. I was nauseated most days (in the beginning) and for 2-3 days could only eat Popsicles. Some women just don't get super sick. Good luck in the upcoming months!


Kat21 - May 28

Thanks to all the respones i enjoying talking to other women who are expecting because my boyfriend isn't interested much in all this pregnancy stuff..SoonToBe i am taking the prenatal vitamin at walmart the equate brand but i might switch to a better one i seen at a store just for vitamins but i think i will wait and ask my doctor at my first visit on june 12.


MFM731 - May 28

I'm also 6 weeks pregnant and I don't have any morning sickness either. I do have sore b___bs, I'm exhausted, and I pee ALL the time. As in, I got up 10 times last night to run to the restroom! But I saw my doctor next week and he said it was fine that I wasn't feeling ill. We may end up feeling sick in our 7th or 8th week, so who knows? Lol. Count yourself lucky for now. And congrats! By the way, do you happen to know when you're due? I'm due Jan. 16th


Kat21 - May 28

mfm731 i am due the 15th of january according to the doctors and according to the estimated date in my pregnancy books its the 14th.



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