6 Wks And NO Symptoms HELP

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bea123 - September 19

Hello everyone I'm new here and registered because I am so worried about my pregnancy and could really do with some advice! I'm 32 and miscarried my first pregnancy in June. Although I miscarried naturally at 11 weeks the foetus had actually stopped developing at 6 weeks and we never detected a heartbeat. Now I'm 6 weeks 3 days pregnant again and had strong symptoms like really tender br___ts and a constant need to pee until about a week ago. Now I have absolutely no br___t tenderness at all and i no longer need to pee all the time, I feel in no way pregnant anymore and I'm terrified the baby has stopped developing just like the last time. When I miscarried all my symptoms disappeared at around 5 weeks also so I'm out of my mind with worry. My first docs appointment isn't until the 2nd Oct which is in 2 weeks so I have no idea how I'm going to get through this.... Has anyone else lost all their symptoms especially br___t tenderness at 6 weeks? thanks!


Naomi98 - September 20

Hi Bea, sorry to hear what you went through and congratulations on getting pregnant again. I've gone through an early miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy and I'm now 14 weeks pregnant. During this pregnancy I was terrified when my b___bs stopped hurting at around 6 weeks (it was my only symptom), but then at around 8 weeks they started up again, together with nausea and tiredness. The peeing constantly as a sign of pregnancy doesn't normally kick in until the uterus has expanded enough to constrict the bladder. I'm only getting that symptom now. So don't worry too much about that one. I know how crazy you can get in those first few weeks waiting for the first appointment but our minds play a lot of tricks on us, especially when we're scared. So don't think the worst and try (I know it's hard) to be positive if you can and let's hope you hear a nice strong heartbeat at your first scan. Good luck and be strong!



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