6dpo Anybody Else

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L - March 2

Wondering if anyone would like to compare symptoms (if any!) and wait the next 2 weeks out together? I'm really nervous about AF coming, so a distraction might be called for!


Belle - March 2

I wish you all the luck. Stay calm and you have to relax. Drink hot chocolate, milk soothes the nerve's, it really does work. Read Magazines! watch TV.


kay - March 2

Hi L, what's your story? Why are you so nervous? Have you lost one or just been trying for ages? I think I'm waiting about the same time period as you so I'm happy to chat. Good luck and sending wishes your way :-))


caz - March 2

Same here! Anything happening to anyone yet? I've got slight cramps but only usually get that a couple of days before AF so am keeping fingers crossed it might be implantation (think I'm gonna be imagining symptoms though!) Be great to have some buddies for the next 2 weeks - good luck everyone


L - March 2

Belle, hot chocolate is a God send during this waiting period! That, combined with a good movie and cookies to dip into it, heaven! Hi Kay, I haven't had an m/c, I've never even been pregnant before, and it's been about 2 years now. Granted, the "trying" part has been on and off due to hubby working away alot of the time. Still, it's a long time to be wanting and waiting =/ Hey Caz, a few symptoms over here; mild cramping, extremely sore b___bs, terrible nausea (never had that before whilst ttc!) veins in my b___bs, bloated, lower back ache. (probably imagined too Caz!) I wish every one of you the very best of luck also! It's nice to know you're not alone during this frustrating wait =) How's everyone else feeling? Any signs yet, girls? Keep me posted on how things are going for you plus for a chat/vent if you feel the need to. Baby dust to you all! x


Poppins - March 2

I've become addicted to the site. I am waiting, too. Not sure how long- I was on the pill before this so I don't know if I can predict AF or not. 28 days will be the 8th of March. Today I have cramps- I've had a little pinchy cramping all along. I'd love to chat! Hang in there, I think the hot chocolate sounds helpful. : )


cc - March 2

I am also waiting...too long. I have had cramping in my right ovary for the past two days - but I gets cysts and this feels like them - is that bad, good, or no affect??? I also ntoiced that I have a lot of gas...yuck! No nausea or running to the bathroom. A yucky felling at the back of my throat - like a sore throat is coming on, but never does I've had that for days - not sure about the whole discharge thing - mine is like partially cooked whites (sorry if tmi) not like before ovulation, but sticky and yucky....I know I am rambling on...


Poppins - March 2

Hmmm... CC, I've had that throat thing, too. That's interesting, but could it be allergies or something? I think I had similar mucous to what you describe, but it went away. It's all so mysterious!!! Good luck to everyone!


cc - March 2

I thought the throat thing could be allergies too, but I don't have any other allergy symptoms. I am sure that I am just wanting it so badly that I am creating symptoms. Good luck to you too. This waiting thing is the pits. I know that implantation will happen around the 5th or 6th, so I am hoping I will have a sign then Keep me posted on how things are going with you!


L - March 2

Hi Poppins and CC! How are you both? Yay for the throat thing not being a silly-made-up-in-my-blonde-mind symptom! Although, I am cutting a wisdom tooth at the very back of my lower gum, so that could explain it. Hmmph! When are you due your AF girls, and how many dpo's are you? Good luck to you all *baby dusts the entire thread* x


caz - March 2

This forum is great isn't it! If my calculations are right, AF due 10th, we BD'd day 13 and I'm 5 dpo. No sore b___bs but watery mouth?! Really hope it's good news for us all - keep up the chats girls! x


CC - March 2

I forgot to mention that I am super gasy (SP?). I burp a lot and the other - whic h way weird and kinda gross too. Anyone else having that? I have one concern, I go to aerobics and spinning and am wondering if this is okay. I heard that running could affect implantation!!?? Does anybody know the right and not rumor answer?


Poppins - March 2

My AF used to be every 28 days, but i don't know if that will be different this time, having just gone off the pill. I think I'm waiting for March 8 or AF.I seem to be getting more and more cramping- could be AF, I guess. Another wierd symptom? Hiccups? Anyone else?


Impatient - March 2

Hello. I have never written on here before, but I am 6 dpo and thought I would browse through the similar entries. We have not been trying all that long, so I know I get no sympathy from those of you who have been doing so for months/years. Nonetheless, I am ready...NOW! haha. Anyway, I have noticed more gas, a tiny bit of light pink/brown discharge today and a medium amount of chalky discharge in the past days that is unlike other times. I am thinking that it's too early to know much of anything. Any ideas? AF usually arrives 8 days from now and that seems like an enternity when I am tapping my toes. Smiles and best wishes to you all.


Hanna - March 3

I am 11 dpo.. and waiting.. I have sore b___sts (usually don't have that) and yesterday I felt some slight cramping (af coming??).. Good luck to you all! I will definitely have a cup of hot chocolate today!


caz - March 3

Hi girls, how is everyone? I'm getting despondent because I stlll don't have sore b___bs! Anyone else got a watery mouth though? I'm really tired (probably the stress!) + keep telling myself not everyone gets symptoms and maybe it's too early to tell anyway? Btw, can I ask, what day in your cycle does everyone think/hope they've conceived?


L - March 3

Hey everyone! How are you all feeling today? Well and pregnant I should hope! Caz, this forum is fabulous! Ugh, I'd be lost without the support/advice you girls offer. Extra saliva production is seen to be a good sign! Not sure why it happens, but it does, so I'm hopeful this is a good sign for you also! Gas is also a symptom AND hiccups, nothing gross about it, pregnancy brings all kinds of weird and wonderful things. Can't say I've noticed any of those though =/ I haven't heard of exercise affecting implantation, I think they say it's actually a good thing to keep active. Impatient, you have all the sympathy we can muster on this site! Your spotting sounds like it could be implantation bleeding, so fingers crossed for you! *Hands Hanna a cup of hot chocolate* wonderful stuff isn't it =) Caz, I hope I conceived on the 17th of Feb. My man works away alot of the time, so hopefully I either ovulated early OR his little swimmers managed to survive for 6 days! I was due for OV on the 23rd. I'm now 8dpo, and AF should (not) arrive on the 9th =) Anyone else having signs? I've noticed alot of creamy white discharge, extremely sore b___bs, veins running through them, cramping has been on and off for the past 4 days. Also, a weird sign maybe, but my thighs both feel slightly bruised to the touch? Not sure what that could be though. Hope everyone is okay. Best wishes, baby dust, and a big smile to you all. Keep in touch ladies! xx



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