7 Weeks Late A Still Negative HPTs

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JayneMarie - September 30

hi i m 7 weeks late and my cycle is every 4 weeks to the day. I am experiencing some pregnancy symptoms like bloating, backaches, headaches, fatigue, naseua no actual vomiting yet..i have taken 3 HPTs a week apart all negative, i went to the er for this and they took a urine sample which was negative and dismissed me saying iwasnt pregnant refusing to do a blood test..is it possible that i am still pregnant despite what the ua's say??


DaniAsh626 - September 30

hey JayneMarie, i just wanted to let u know that u're not alone! i'm going through the same thing! its been 8 weeks since my last period. i've taken hpts out the wazoo and even did a pee test at the dr office but all negative. if u're patient to wait i'd wait maybe another week or two and take another hpt if it's negative i'd call plan parenthood or some other clinc to get a blood pregnancy test and if that's still negative then try and convince them to do an ultrasound! i'd tell them u're worried u might have a cyst on ur ovaries or maybe lie and say ur mom never got a positive test result while pregnant with u. i've read up that some women don't get positive tests till their 8th week and some women don't get positive tests at all! i hope u get ur answer soon!!!


JayneMarie - September 30

thank you so much it helps to kno im not alone..ive never been pregnant before and dont kno how all this works..ive never been this late in my life and i think the uas are wrong


Grandpa Viv - October 1

There are stories of women who do not get a positive test until waaay late, but they are few and far between. If you miss two periods still testing negative, it's probably best to go to the doc complaining of amenorrhea (no periods). A doctor urine test or even qualitative blood test may not pick up low levels of hCG hormone. A quant_tative test (gives a number) is more sensitive, but costs a bunch. If you offer to pay for one out of pocket, the doctor would probably write an order.


JayneMarie - October 1

I have an appointment scheduled for monday they will be taking a ua..still think it will be negative consider my mom acutally did have that peoblem when her uas wont show up till shes 3 or 4 months..im going to ask for a blood test if the ua is negative then i will go from there..still anxious i have to wait another week to find out..next week will be 8 weeks


JayneMarie - October 1

DaniAsh- did you request a blood test at the doctors office when you visited??


DaniAsh626 - October 2

no, i just did a pee test. i think wednesday i'll do a hpt and if it's negative then i'll call my doc and see if they will do a blood test for me. good luck monday!



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