81 Days And Counting

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vistagirl81 - February 27

i have not had my Pd since Dec 09, the begining of Jan i had a negative blood test, i had pinkish eggsh__lish discharge feb 10th....neg blood test on the 10th... then again on the 17th, without the eggsh__lish discharge.....( i know eggsh__lish is not a word:P) and i am always having cramps and the feeling that i am having my pd soon, i am bloated and my br___ts have gotten bigger and still no cycle, the dr put me on clomid to make my pd arrive( sounds crazy huh) i am just always unconfortable... i have hot flashes ect.... i would like to know if anyone has experienced anything similar or can offer any advice..OR if you can ovulate without having ur Pd... thank you for reading this:P


Txffwife - February 27

I just experienced sort of what you are going through. I'm never late for my period and it had been since Jan. 3rd when I last had my period. I had every symptom you could think of, except negative hpt's. I went to the doctor yesterday and had an ultrasound and there was no baby, but there was what they call a Corpus Luteum cyst (also functional cyst). This sucker was full of progesterone, which is what's needed to support the baby when we conceive. Well, it's still there, and I apparently didn't conceive. My dr. said that these cause all sorts of symptoms and usually go away on their own. He said it could be quickly, or take a couple of months. I had just what you had-- constant bloating (really bad) and tender b___sts and fuller. I had fatigue, acne, crying... you name it!! I hope this helps. My dr. also said that every woman who ovulates gets these, but sometimes they stay for a while causing a delay in your period and causing false symptoms. I hope this helps! Good luck!


vistagirl81 - February 27

thanx you did, i do have a small cyst, but i have had them before and they have not stopped my cycle,,, i get some every cpl of mo. but when one comes the others are gone.... when i went in the first time i have a cyst on each ovary and a folicle on my uterus,,, a mo later i only had 1 cyst.. and still no pd:P thank you for responding:P


Txffwife - February 28

One more thing I forgot to mention... I was talking to my dh about this whole c___ppy situation we just went through and when we looked back, I think that I actually ovulated last week, even though I've had this cyst since January. I was supposed to start my af no later than Feb. 2nd and I have always had between 28 to 30 day cycle. I always also ovulate the 17th, 18th or 19th day of my cycle. Well, last Monday was the 17th day and I remember telling my dh that I had a TON of discharge, just like you get when you ovulate. And I remember my bb's hurting even more and cramping harder. I could swear I did... so... we are going to try and see what happens this month even if af doesn't come. You know your body better than anyone, so check it out! Good luck!


vistagirl81 - February 28

thank you, good luck to you also



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