8 Days Late Symptoms But 3 BFNs Why

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Jennie - November 4

Okay, I am now 8 days late, have tested 3 times, including once this morning, with three different brands, and all say negative! Let me start from the beginning so maybe someone out there can interpret what is going on with my cycle. First of all, we started trying to get pregnant in mid-Sept. The first day of my last AF was 9/14, then after I went off the pill, I had another "period" 9/30, which lasted 3-4 days, normal flow, so I started counting my cycle days from then. I did have some spotting on 10/17, which then changed to brown discharge, no blood, for about 3-4 days. I assumed maybe ovulation or implantation? wasn't really sure about that. my husband and i bded for basically 2 weeks straight! lol! We definately bded when i ovulated, if i did ovulate, which i don't even know how to tell. I assumed it would be around the 14th. Anyway, since I got that spotting/brown discharge, we didn't bd after that. I started to get lots of symptoms. sore nips (have never gotten), nausea, bloating, fatigue, back pain, shooting pains in legs, dry mouth, twinges of pain in my abdomen, like pulling or pinching, especially when i get up or stretch, food cravings, sensitivity to odors, hot skin....i mean, there's a giant list, obviously! So, I assumed I was pregnant, but now after getting the 3rd negative test, and still no sign of AF, i'm so confused!!!!!!! somebody, please help me, give me some clue as to what's going on or what i should do!


amy - November 4

perhaps you could go in for a blood test to confirm yes or no.. I went off bc end of May and its taken approx 6 cycles to somewhat get normal again.. The doctors I talked to said if you are on birth control pill for a long time it can take up to 6 months for your body to get normal. So what I'm trying to say is its hard to tell if you are just adjusting to being off the pill or if you are pregnant.. My opinion is go to the clininc and get a blood test, ask for a quanitative (sp) that will show what your hormone levels are and it can tell a pregnancy very very early on. it will take longer for the results but it will definitly ease your mind.. good luck and baby dust


TO JENNIE - November 4

Coming off the pill does play havok with your hormones and cycles. Do not a__sume your cycle is the same length as it would be on the pill. I hope you are pregnant but it can take awhile to ovulate at all, best of luck.



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