8 Weeks No Heartbeat

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~armywife~ - February 24

I assume i am 8 weeks pregnant being that my last period was Dec. 21. I had a vag. sonogram done yesterday and there was no heartbeat that he saw. Should their be a reson for concern? If i had my last period on Dec. 21, how far along would i be and should i see a heartbeat on the monitor.


sara - February 24

my doc told me that he does not like to do ultrasounds that early because you often don't hear or see anything this early. You should not worry at all, most people don't see anything until atleast 12 weeks. Your doc must have told you to come back in a few weeks right? My doc used one of those doppler things to my stomache, and he did not hear a heart beat till I was after 12 weeks. I think that was way to early to do a sonogram.


Grandpa Viv - February 24

http://www.drspock.com/article/0,1510,9851,00.html (there are comas but no hyphens in that URL)


For SARA - February 24

Hello. My doc told me to come back on March 2nd. He also drew some blood which should be back by tomorrow. I guess i get confused because alot of women say they are able to see it at 6 wks. but not me... you barely saw anything in the sac and well i guess it was the docs response of no heartbeat... lets draw some blood to make sure you are moving in the right direction. Kind of scarey. Thanks for the response.


Serenna - February 24

My dr. won't even attempt to let me hear my babies heartbeat until 12 weeks, so that i don't freak out in the event if i don't hear it. She said even at 12 weeks it can be hard to hear a healthy strong heartbeat. I wouldn't worry . Give it some more time. Good luck


Sara - February 24

Yea everyone is diffrent, those women who hear the heartbeat that early I figure are just lucky.....but majority like us, tend to hear it a little later. It scared me also when my doc said that he might hear a heartbeat at 8weeks and he then he said he will try again in another few weeks. Luckily my bestfriend had just had a baby and she knew exactly what I was going through. So now when I go things like that, I tend not to worry so much. Keep us posted!


Army wife - February 24

I have a question... everyone says hear the heartbeat, what about seeing it. shouldnt you be able to see the heartbeat before you can hear it.


S- - February 24

yes, you are right, you would see the heartbeat in an ultrasound before they hear it. Anyway, don't be concerned about not hearing the heartbeat if the size of the baby is right along with how pregnant you are. Did they say anything about the size of the baby? If the size is good, that means the baby is still developing..



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